MTT Assay Protocol

Dealing With Human Cells

By: - Medicine - September 21, 2011
mtt assay protocol dealing with human cells

Scientist the world over have developed amazing ways of testing cells and looking inside cells of the human body.  Originally such test kits used for the mtt assay protocol tests could not be used without specialized equipment or even the use of sometimes dangerous and radioactive materials.  This meant that there was a hazard even for the person doing the testing, meaning that the risks were substantial in working in laboratory conditions alone.  However, new mtt assay protocol tests have been developed that have done away with all this.  But how did they do it?

Mtt assay protocol tests now use an advanced chemical, yellow in colour, called MTT for short that no longer needs radioactive actions to work.  This chemical in its long form is called 3-(4-5-dimethythiazol-2-yl)-2.5-diphenyl tetrasodium bromide.  It is able to cleave itself to living human cells and give off a dark blue type formazan product which shows up active mitochondria in living cells.  The assay produced is colorimetric, used for complementary type, mediated assays for cytotoxicity or the proliferated versions.  This of course means that lab workers and scientists can gain many advantages from using this mtt assay protocol kit product.  Advantages include not having to use specialized machines for testing, avoiding dangerous radioactivity to produce results, and the ability to take a single sample to detect between two hundred and fifty thousand living human cells.  Best of all, the kit is inexpensive and ideal because it can be used for both studies of special proliferation of cells and also the survival of cells, something that is unique in the medical community.  Most importantly the cost savings can also be attributed not only to the product itself, but the fact that the special machinery once used that costs many thousands of dollars to buy, no longer is an issue.  As if that was not enough, the kit also saves money by the avoidance of using radioactive materials, which means hundreds of thousands can be saved by avoiding the costs of transporting such materials, protecting staff from them and from the disposal of those materials.  It really is a work of true genius.

Mtt assay protocol kits such as this one are a blessing to the medical community.  Each mtt assay protocol kit includes such useful items as mtt reagents, a special color development solution and an important and vital buffer solution.  Thanks to science, even the lab workers will not have to consider the health issues associated with lab work and be able to ensure a safer work environment due to this new kit.

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