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By: - Medicine - July 7, 2011
mri tech salary well earned compensation

One of the largest and most exciting careers within the health care field is that of the MRI tech degree.  As one of the radiology fields most advanced and innovative areas of specialization, this career is all that the applicant could want, with a high paying salary and ensured job security.  Following is a more indepth evaluation of just what is required to obtain that MRI tech degree and the MRI tech salary that rates it as one of the best degrees in the country today.

To be practical, the MRI tech salary is commensurate on a couple of very crucial factors.  No body in any profession begins at the top and works their way down.  The holder of the degree is certainly no exception.  The level of education, ability and experience play large factors in the advancement or stagnancy of the career of the MRI degree holder.  Dedication and drive to meet the demands of the job with the level of professional results ensure quick advancement in both career and salary.  Your degree has to have been from an accredited institution.

Experience within the field of radiology is what ensures quality professionalism and the day by day experience of the MRI tech will ensure success in years to come.  Further educational advancement will place the salary in a higher scale, dependent on what level of education you have received.  For example, the degree who holds a bachelor of arts degree and a wide range of experience will enjoy a large figure income ranging in the vicinity of $63,000 dollars per year.  The rate of salary though, is largely determinate on a number of other factors such as the geographical location of the degree holder.  If you work within a health care facility or in that of a doctors office too affects the salary.

According to the American Society of Radiologists, the largest scale of an salary is about $90,000 dollars annually,  with the beginner in the field averaging only about as low as $30,000 dollars annually, with the mediate rate of earnings pegged at approximately $58,000 dollars per year.  The MRI tech salary is determinate, as you can see on level of education, experience within the field of radiology, in which facility that you are employed and the geographical location with its standards of living.

Either way, the pathway to a high success as a holder of the MRI tech degree is exponential and has the promise of not only being challenging but lucrative for the serious, dedicated and goal driven applicant.

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