Moroccan Oil Reviews - Does It Work

Moroccan Oil Reviews – Does It Work?

By: - Hair - October 14, 2011
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When on the prowl for hair treatments and products, you may have come across one called Moroccan Oil. If you are asking yourself the question “What is Moroccan Oil?” the answer is a very good hair product that makes your hair silky, shiny, hydrated and detangled in as little as one application. It is very light weight and the Moroccan Oil reviews are very high, ranging from about 4- 5 stars on average, out of 5 stars.

If you are expecting a scam or think this product won’t work as well as they say it will, the Moroccan Oil reviews are saying otherwise. Almost all of the Moroccan Oil reviews on, for instance, say this product is great and definitely does what it says. According to both users and the company that makes Moroccan Oil, it is great for color treated or dry and damaged chemically treated hair. One user on stated that her split ends were totally reversed when using the Moroccan Oil and another user claimed their hair has never in their life looked or felt so beautiful as it has since she has been using Moroccan Oil.

Though we know Moroccan Oil is a product, exactly what is Moroccan Oil? What are the ingredients? The two main ingredients of Moroccan Oil are aragen oil and linseed oil. Aragan oil comes from the Aragen tree, which is native to Morocco, hence the name Moroccan Oil. There are also silicones in the formula, which can help smooth your tresses. The fragrance of Moroccan Oil is said to be pleasant and all in all, consumers seem to be pleased.

The consumers who have rated Moroccan Oil a bit lower all tend to have a certain type of hair or it has been relaxed chemically. The mixture just doesn’t seem to work as well when hair is chemically relaxed, with, for instance, a keratin treatment.  Even on, the 1 star reviews were about a particular private seller of the Moroccan Oil product on that site, not the product itself. It seems that has removed that seller from their page as of this review. The product retails for about $20 – $40 depending on the size and where you buy it. Now that you know the answer to the question “What is Moroccan Oil?” and you know the product works wonders, the question you should ask yourself now is, when are you going to buy it?