Morningstar Farms Coupons

The Largest Producer Of Vegetarian Food In The U.S.

By: - Cooking - July 30, 2011
morningstar farms coupons the largest producer of vegetarian food in the u s

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Morning Star Farms was founded in the 1970’s by Worthington Foods.  Worthington Foods was founded in 1939 in Worthington, Ohio by Dr. George T. Harding III under the name of ‘Special Foods’. He was a Seventh Day Adventist who wished to make restricted, healthful foods more readily available for those who adhere to the Seventh-day Adventist largely vegetarian diet. World War II forced ‘Special Foods’ to scale back much of their business but they began to redevelop in 1948 under the title, Worthington Foods, Inc.  Their first postwar product was a meatless wiener which achieved instant popularity.  Growing popularity of vegetarianism allowed Worthington Products such profit that by the early 1990’s the company held contracts with a number of fast foods companies such as Burger King, Denny’s and Subway.  In the 1970’s Morningstar Farms became a division of Worthington Products Inc. and in 1999 Worthington Products, Inc. was sold to the Kellogg’s Company.   Under the Kellogg’s label Morningstar Farms has grown to be the largest producer of vegetarian products in the United States.  At present there are no Morningstar Farms stores available on the internet.  Never the less, Morningstar products are sold through numerous food locations including most local supermarkets.  Morningstar Farms coupons are available on package labeling as well as in newspapers, magazines and various advertising pamphlets.  Morningstar Foods printable coupons are available from numerous on-line sources.

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