Morning Sickness Remedies

Helping From The Beginning

By: - Pregnancy - September 13, 2011
morning sickness remedies helping from the beginning

If morning sickness is making your pregnancy feel like misery, now is the time to make some changes and learn about morning sickness remedies that will make you feel much better and make early pregnancy worthwhile.  So, what you need to know is how to prevent morning sickness, what to avoid and what things you can do if morning sickness has become too much.

Morning sickness remedies begin with a certain amount of prevention, though morning sickness itself may not be prevented completely, even after you figure out the answer to the question famous question. How early can morning sickness start?  To help to prevent the worst of morning sickness, remember that your body is adapting to the sudden rush of hormones that is helping your body change for carrying a baby and that that hormonal rush can make your feel nauseous.  The easiest way to overcome this is to stay hydrated and eat properly.  If you are eating well and have no other medical issues, your next option is to combat morning sickness to ensure that it goes quickly and is only minimal.  You may find that some odours such as the smell of cooked eggs may make your stomach churn, or even another type of food.  You can then try eating dried toast for breakfast, chewing on it slowly as tasteless as it sounds, but trust those of us who have gone through this, it does work.  Another thing you can try as a remedy is to chop up lemons and sniff the scent.  Try eating fruits and vegetables that are rich in water content.  Let some ginger ale or ginger beer flatten and then sip a cup full slowly as the ginger will stop the nausea.  If for some reason your morning sickness is so bad that you start vomiting, keep calm and suck on fresh ice cubes.  If all else fails and you cannot cope with the sickness and the vomiting becomes regular, speak to your family doctor.

Morning sickness remedies are useful for any woman who cannot cope with the nausea and potential vomiting.  So, how early can morning sickness start? The reality is that morning sickness can start shortly after conception and carry on through until you have reached the final days of your third month.  How sick you will become depends on many factors, including the hormones your body is secreting.  Remember that morning sickness is not a sign that something is wrong normally as it is your body’s way of getting rid of any dangerous toxins or other unwanted nasties still in your body, a means by which your body has to protect your unborn baby.  Additionally, it is more often than not common that women who do not get morning sickness have a higher than usual risk of miscarrying or having a baby with birth defects.  However, if the sickness worsens to the point where you cannot keep anything down and are getting dehydrated, or you are vomiting up blood, you need to get yourself to an emergency right away.

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