Mormon Beliefs Vs Christian Beliefs - different

Mormon Beliefs Vs Christian Beliefs –Different?

By: - Religion - September 23, 2011
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When it comes to Mormon beliefs vs Christian beliefs, there are quite a few differences than many people realize. Most people think that Mormons are just a type of Christianity, but that is not true, far from it actually. One of the main differences in Christianity vs Mormonism is the fact that Christians only believe in one God and Mormon’s believe in several. Another huge difference between Christianity vs Mormonism is Christians only have one theological doctrine, the Bible.  Mormons use four different documents and the Bible is not the main book they use. Speaking of the Bible, Mormons believe and state often that the Bible is full of errors, so they do not take it as seriously as their other books.

If you think all of that is surprising, you may also be surprised to know that Mormon beliefs vs Christian beliefs also differ when it comes to God as an entity. Mormons believe that God is actually a man where Christians believe that God is a spirit and even the Bible states that God is not nor has ever been flesh and bone. Mormon’s also believe that God has a wife and that God was a normal man before becoming God the Father. The Christian Bible makes no mention of God ever having a wife of any kind nor, as mentioned above, that He has ever been anything but Spirit.

When it comes to salvation, the differences between Christianity vs Mormonism are also quite clear. Though both believe that Jesus died on the cross in order to have our sins forgiven, Christians believe that in order to be forgiven, you must believe that Jesus is the Son of God and as mentioned in the Bible, to “surrender” to God. Mormons believe that everyone, no matter what their beliefs, is saved by the sacrifice of Jesus.

In sin, Morman beliefs vs Christian beliefs are also quite different, especially when it comes to Adam and Eve’s original sin in the Bible. Christians very much believe that Adam and Eve sinned, and that, in turn, makes all of us sinners. Mormons believe that their actions should be rejoiced and consider it a blessing. The deed they did in the story of the Garden of Eden was not technically a sin according to the Mormon beliefs.

As you can see, there are many differences when you compare these two religions, though many are misinformed about what those differences really are.