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By: - Education - July 7, 2011
montessori teacher salary education for those who love kids

Independent schools are fast becoming an important contributor in the educational sector for elementary students within the US, Canada and the United Kingdom.  Because the Montessori privately owned schools are independent of school boards, they are free to set their salary ranges as they choose, generally fitting within unionized guidelines set by teacher’s guidelines across the country.  However, before you plan a career in an independent school, it is good to know what your salary range could be, so let us use the Montessori teacher salary for those with a Montessori teacher degree as an example.

If you already possess a Montessori teacher degree, your Montessori teacher salary can average at the start at about $28,000 US for the elementary and early childhood levels.  Generally, each outlet of the school will have different variations, depending on where they are in the world, what your experience is and what level of degree you have achieved.  Obviously teaching is a detail orientated occupation, where accuracy, knowledge and experience are vitally important in filling young minds with all the knowledge and skills needed to move forward in life.  Many teachers advance from the younger children to teach the middle and older grades, but most importantly, their skills and performance of teachers will also govern the salary range that they fall into.

A Montessori teacher salary may or may not be what you are hoping for.  Even with a Montessori teacher degree and substantial experience, where you are and how much the independent Montessori school owner can afford will determine how much you may earn.  According to many independent school teachers, salaries vary according to the company you work for.  Charter schools online get more because their overheads are less.  However, larger independent schools will reach well above the average.  It simply all depends on what a company is willing to pay and how badly they need the teacher applying to work for them.  Though Montessori is not the highest paying employer for independent teachers, it is one of the most reliable payers and rewards its teachers in many other ways, not all in financial compensation.

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