Monessen Hearth Systems - A Fireplace Option For Every Home

Monessen Hearth Systems – A Fireplace Option For Every Home

By: - Interior Design - July 13, 2011
monessen hearth systems %E2%80%93 a fireplace option for every home

For years, fireplaces and hearths have been the center and heart of the home. Monessen Hearth Systems Corporation is a leading supplier of hearth products. From their environmentally conscious practices to their top of the line products, Monessen Hearth Systems are regarded as a top choice for the home and the environment. Their array of products and finishes have something for every fireplace shopper.

An effective and economic choice for a Monessen Hearth System is a vented gas fireplace. With a variety of models to choose from as well as the option for additional add-ons and accessories, vented gas fireplaces are a viable option for many homeowners or designers. One of the major benefits of gas fireplaces is that a chimney or foundation is not required. Simply control your system from a thermostat or remote control system, and the temperature of your gas fireplace is at your control. Furthermore, vented gas fireplaces are a great option for anyone looking to save on costs. These economical systems can run on gas or propane and literally cost just pennies per hour to use. Monessen Hearth Systems also offer a vent-free gas fireplace, which can essentially be installed anywhere there is room for a fireplace unit and requires no flu or vent system to function.

Though the ease of gas fireplaces is appealing, for the traditionalist, Monessen Hearth Systems also offers wood-burning fireplaces to ensure that the smell of fresh burning wood is never far from your home. With several models to choose from including fireplaces as large as 50 inches wide, Monessen Hearth Systems take old wood-burning fireplaces to a new level of class and sophistication.  Options for a wood-burning fireplace system include polished brass, stainless steel or even black bi-fold doors to guarantee the perfect look for your home and hearth. Wood-burning fireplaces provide the perfect ambience and atmosphere for the traditionalist.

Monessen Hearth Systems also offer a wide array of other hearth products including electric fireplaces and outdoor fireplaces. Whether you need a fireplace for a downtown loft or an outdoor escape, Monessen Hearth Systems have a model or option for any room. Their products are designed to be environmentally friendly and easy on the budget. Furthermore, their hearth systems feature products made from top of the line materials such as brass, pewter and ceramic fiber. A Monessen Hearth System can ensure that your fireplace remains the heart of your home for years to come.