Molluscum Contagiosum Virus

Problems With Your Skin

By: - Medicine - September 21, 2011
molluscum contagiosum virus problems with your skin

Molluscum contagiosum virus is a dreaded skin affliction that is spread from direct contact with other similarly affected individuals exhibiting the various molluscum contagiousum stages.  The causes of this viral disease is a DNA poxvirus which is referred to as the virus molluscum contagiousum or MCV.   This particular skin disease affects only human beings and have never been present on animals at all.

The primary means of transmission of the molluscum contagiosum virus is through sexual contact or by coming into contact with the bumps on the other person’s skin and then inadvertently transferring it to themselves when they touch any part of their body.  This makes the molluscum contagiosum stages very easy virus to transmit among people in near every way from sharing the same towel, sexual contact or even through children at a day care.  The molluscum contagiosum virus is quite contagious up to the point at which the bumps on the skin have disappeared and will endure for about half a year if they aren’t treated or even longer in some situations.  Because of the ease by which the molluscum contagiosum stages  is transmitted, it is no wonder that they are more prevalent among children who share common play areas or play schools or parks, adults who are sexually active and thus come into direct contact with the other person affected and especially those that have an immunodeficiency.  Although it can affect any and every part of the body, the most common areas that have been noted for infection are the legs, the trunk, and arms.

They appear as flesh toned and are exhibit a shape like a dome with an appearance similar to that of being pearly.  These bumps are not in any way painful however, as with any other sore they can become more itchy or irritating if they are scratched too often and too hard.  It is not recommended that you scratch or pick at them as this could result in a spread of the infection and even scarring.  The best means, therefore in the treatment of the molloscum contagiosum virus is simply to remain clean, wash clothing and towels frequently, do not share anything with anyone else that has touched your skin and let the molloscum contagiosum stages run their course.

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