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By: - Home & Family - June 6, 2011
moissanite vs diamond

Moissanite vs diamond, what is a girl to do? Moissanite vs diamonds, and still confused, eh? Well, moissanite is the latest rock to take the diamond world by storm, creating a cheaper replacement that appears even more authentic than other past used rocks.  When compared from one to the other, the diamonds seem to hit a major problem, mainly geared around the so-called blood diamonds and human rights type abuses.  So, are you still stuck?

If you are trying to decide between a moissanite vs diamond, things cannot get any harder.  Both look identical to the naked eye, but the real difference between them is only seen when you hold them up to the light.  The moissanite has a brilliant shine, almost like a crystal ball or disco variety, something that some people consider to be rather gaudy.  Even under natural light, the moissanite looks unnatural, seeming almost grayish or greenish.  So, if you cannot afford diamonds and have to look at moissante vs diamonds, the best way to resolve this is to use the most common deciders:

  • Strength – moissanite is not as hard as a diamond
  • Fire – moissanite disperses varied colour spectrum lights or violet, indigo, blue, green, yellow, orange and red almost two and a half times more than any diamond
  • Brilliance – diamonds are not as brilliant in white light as the moissanite
  • Girdle – moissanite girdles, the circled edge that goes around its crown, have to be polished, unlike diamonds
  • Color – only diamonds can come in pure white shades, whereas the moissanite cannot
  • Cost – because diamonds are governed in price according to their carat count, clarity, color and cut, the cost of diamonds far exceeds that of the moissanite in many cases
  • Toughness – though both diamonds and moissanite are extremely tough and can last thousands of years or more, diamonds are still by far the hardest mineral and thus are assumed to have a greater toughness.

So, what is the verdict? Moissanite vs diamond? Moissanite vs diamonds? Well, if you are as confused as I am then you are not alone.  It really does come down to a matter of personal taste.

Photo: rough cut diamond – public domain photo

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