Mitchum Deodorant

Getting The Run Down

By: - Product Reviews - July 20, 2011
mitchum deodorant getting the run down

This Mitchum deodorant review will show you that the product is a good means of stopping underarm odor and perspiration in people who sweat more and people who are considerably more active and thus produce more body odor under their arms.  Mitchum deodorant has been around for decades and usually was something that perimenopausal women used.  However, with so many young people and middle aged people being more active and the changes in our diets, the need for a stronger product has increased the popularity of this product.

Mitchum deodorant is one of the most recommended and can last twenty-four hours at least in many people.  The best coverage as discovered by personal use in this Mitchum deodorant review is by using the liquid roll-on version versus the stick variety.  The stick variety tends to leave white marks under your arms and on any clothing.  Additionally, the stick version can interact with some laundry detergents so that it may turn fabrics a grey color under the arms, leaving what appears to be a dark stain when cleaned.  The liquid form, the roll-on type is much better and does not leave that same residue or a stain.  It only requires usually one application daily, unless you are doing extreme levels of sweating and exercise.  You can get the product with or without a scent, which works well if you have any allergies to perfumes.  The most popular type is the baby powder fragrance which does not include chemically formed perfumes at all.  In fact, the deodorant also contains no aluminum which means that you are not putting yourself at risk of building up toxins in your body or risking the onset of Alzheimer’s when you get old.  In fact, that is one of the main reasons a lot of women are turning to the product because it is reasonably safe and it works.  Because you do not use too much like other deodorants on the market, the ingredients used, even in chemical form are limited and thus you avoid rashes under your arms and other irritating reactions.  Though there are no doubt people who are allergic to the product and those who find it far too strong for them, the product is worth buying and using.

Because this Mitchum deodorant review was taken from personal experience and solid research, it is important that you test the deodorant on the underside of your wrist before your underarms.  This allows you to check to see if you have any reactions or allergies to the product.  If you have no reaction, you can then test it on yourself for your needs.  In some cases there are people who will use Mitchum deodorant and find it is still not enough for them.  That is why you should consider getting your doctor’s advice if your sweating and underarm odor is impossible to control because sometimes it may be due to another underlying medical condition that needs attention, and not anything to do with the effectiveness of the product.

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