Mira Hair Oil Reviews - Is It A Scam

Mira Hair Oil Reviews – Is It A Scam?

By: - Hair - September 23, 2011
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You may have heard of the product called Mira Hair Oil. The company who makes it claims that it is an exotic blend of six natural oils. Apparently discovered by women of India in order to keep their hair healthy and shiny in the heat, this hair oil is said to work wonders for your hair making it shiny, thicker and more manageable. The problem is, there are no great Mira Hair Oil reviews online except for obviously scripted pieces. Independent reviews, people who what tried this product say that this may be a Mira Hair Oil scam.

Mira hair oil reviews are quite mixed when you can find those reviews that are not obviously written and paid for by an affiliate of the company. All of the good reviews, of course, say how wonderful Mira Hair Oil is and how the women and men who have used it have long, luxurious hair. Every one of them feels like a new person and their hair has never been so beautiful in their entire lives.

On the flip side, the negative Mira Hair Oil reviews are quite bad.  They list baldness, burning, consistent loss of hair, color changes and hair that is so oily and weighted down, even after several washes. For many people, these negative reviews are so hard to find, they have no idea what they are getting themselves into and only stumble upon the Mira Hair Oil scam once it is too late.

The site and company who sell Mira Hair Oil does not have a customer service number, only an e-mail address. That should be a red flag for most people right there, as well as the lack of reviews. Additionally you will only see websites and videos on the internet about how wonderful this product is. Since it is so difficult to find any real reviews on this product, you should really tune in that this may be a Mira Hair Oil scam instead of an actual real product that works.

The product is sold for $79.99 and it takes 2-3 weeks to get to you according to the website. You will be enrolled in a club and will be charged $49.99 every two months when they resend the product for reapplication. The website says you can cancel at any time, but caution is recommended. There are plenty of products out there that actually do what Mira Hair Oil claims. You probably should stick with those.