Miniature Bride Dresses - Dress Your Child In Bridal Wear

Miniature Bride Dresses – Dress Your Child In Bridal Wear

By: - Weddings - October 25, 2011
miniature bride dresses %E2%80%93 dress your child in bridal wear

If your child is part of an upcoming wedding, you may need to find miniature bride dresses to complete their look. Many brides will want their flower girls to wear miniature bride dresses as a symbol of childhood and youth. Traditionally the flower girl at a wedding represents purity and youth, things that will cease once the wedding takes place. This is a tradition that has been going on for hundreds of years and though they are most popular at weddings, technically flower girls can be a part of any coming of age celebration or procession.

If your child has been asked to be a flower girl at a wedding, you should know that tradition states the bride of the wedding will choose the dress and the parent of the child is expected to pay for the dress as well as the accessories for the dress. If you have a situation where you may not be able to afford the dress, you should speak with the bride about options. She may have to choose another flower girl or you may be able to find miniature cheap brides dresses that are suitable for your child and for the occasion. As long as the bride agrees, this can be a perfectly valid option.

Weddings can be very expensive and the clothing for the wedding will be no exception, especially in extremely formal affairs. Usually you will not find an occasion more formal than a wedding, so if your child is the flower girl, your whole family should look good and formality should be taken into consideration with your clothing options. You will likely need to buy or borrow formal attire for your entire family. You may even need to get infant formal dresses if you have a newborn during the time of the wedding. If you have a baby boy, an infant suit will probably be appropriate.

It can be quite an honor to be asked to be part of a wedding and your daughter should know the importance of her role in the wedding celebration as well. Since flower girls are almost always young, she may not totally understand, but simply explaining that she has an important role in the day can be enough for most children. You should stress that they should feel very special on that day and that their specific actions and beautiful bridal dress should reflect that as well.