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Learning About Meditation

By: - Stress Management - September 21, 2011
mindfulness based stress reduction learning about meditation

There have been numerous ideas for dealing with stress and anxieties in the modern age through the use of medications and in recent years, traditional approaches through meditation and exercises adopted from the far eastern philosophical masters.  Yoga, tai chi, transcendental meditation is but a small number to name in addition with many others.  Over the years, an in depth exploration to build upon and improve the means to reduce stress and manage both stress and anxiety has lead to the creation of a relatively new concept in stress management called Mindless Based Stress Reduction or MBSR for short.  Through the use of easy and simple mindfulness mediation exercises, you can eliminate the impact and the power of the day to day or circumstantial events and their control over your peace of mind.

The concept of mindfulness based stress reduction began in 1979 and the concept has spread rapidly across the country and the world.  Through combining the art forms of yoga and meditation, the success of this amazing concept yielded positive results in volunteers and subsequent clients over the eight week period that the course covers.  The reliance on medications fell drastically and the mental states of those who partook in the exercise displayed drastic increases in levels of personal self esteem and physical activity.  Mindfulness meditation exercises have proven results for creating a greater sense of the body, the mind and self awareness through weekly meetings in which healing practices of ancient civilizations are employed.  Mindfulness meditation exercises include meditation in which quiet atmosphere and awareness of mind and space are emphasized, deep breathing exercises to help stimulate the mind and relax the body, musical stimulation to facilitate deep relaxation and contentment, clearing your mind of the clutter of worry, fear and anxiety, and finally, looking at your thoughts on situations and events from an outsider’s point of view.  This doesn’t necessarily just have to happen through meditation but through the encouragement to journalize your feelings and perceptions in an effort to aid you in processing your feelings and emotions.

Mindless based stress reduction and their composite mindfulness meditation exercises have proven results through ancient disciplines combined to free you from the world of stress and back into a state of deep relaxation with beneficial health results in both mind and in body.

Photo: meditation workshop – copyright 2007, Mombas – reproduced under Creative Commons Attribution Share-Alike License 2.5, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:1979_Festival.jpg

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