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mens beach wedding attire

If you are planning your nuptials in the Caribbean, or maybe the subtropical areas of the Mediterranean, you may be wondering what type of mens beach wedding attire would be appropriate.  However, this is where the fun begins because European chic and sophistication is far more upscale and less ostentatious than those beach wedding attire for men found in the Caribbean simply because the laid back holiday atmosphere is the thing for many wedding parties visiting the sunny islands.  Many Europeans are living in their beach areas, so there is nothing really major going on when they step out dressed to kill and wow the neighbor’s because that is what they do.

Mens beach wedding attire is really a personal thing.  What suits one person’s tastes may not appeal to another.  One European may go for the ‘James Bond’ linen look, whilst another may just love the Bohemian looks of the late sixties.  Even in the Caribbean, beach wedding attire for men is very much about keeping low key and allowing the bride to take center stage, even if you are the groom.  In a sense, nothing is really that different from continent to continent with traditionalism ruling out over the slutty and gawdy looks.

Mens beach wedding attire should be suited to the temperatures of the wedding area.  They should not show sweat and not be too tight, but flowing and comfortable.  Tuxedos are a thing that many are leaning away from, and many never got into in Europe simply because everybody was wearing them, no big surprise given that the tuxedo was designed to allow men of lesser means with something smart for smarter occasions when they could not afford the high rated dinner jackets.  However, a light weight type of suit is a good choice in neutral summer colors, though nothing garish.  Avoiding pastels and focusing on natural linen and khakis is always a good thing with a white shirt or a version that makes the guy looked tanned and healthy, but not glaringly yellowish or overly bronzed.  Shoes should be light and neutral colored, too.  However, avoid thongs, flip-flops and polo type shirts as those are for sports events and not getting married.  So, the rule of thumb has to be to match the environment in which you are going and if you are still unsure, ask the locals, the older ones and those in their 30s because they will have a very good idea about what is and is not acceptable at a beach wedding.

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