Medium Length Hair Styles For Women - Is It The Cut For You

Medium Length Hair Styles For Women – Is It The Cut For You?

By: - Hair - August 29, 2011
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When it comes to hair styles, the most trendy and long lasting seem to be the medium length hair styles. They often start on a young Hollywood starlet and are soon sweeping the nation. Though short hair may suit many women and long hair will always be classic, for those women who are looking for cute, easy hairstyles for medium hair there are several options and ways to make you not only stand out in the crowd, but look good while doing it. Medium length hair styles are versatile and many are great for women of any age.

If you are new to medium length hair styles you may want to stick with a simple style at first. A basic bob cut with a few layers and a part that is slightly off center can be beautiful and work with most hair types and face shapes. Bangs are typically swept to one side and styling these cute, easy hairstyles for medium hair is as easy as a bit of styling gel, mouse and a brush to position the strands where they are falling. If you want a sleek look with this cut, add some shine serum and a few rounds with a flat iron. For a bit of volume, try a large curling iron at the top.

A medium cut that is a bit more daring than the plain style is known as runway style. Perfect for shoulder length hair with a bit of natural curl or body, the common way to wear it is parted directly down the middle. Layers are usually cut into it and curl can be varied based on occasion. It is also very low maintenance, basically a wash and go method works for many women with these cute, easy hairstyles for medium hair.

If you want to go very daring, try the chop cut. The hair is cut bluntly and looks choppy. There are usually many layers in the hair, but many layers mean many styling options. If you like to get creative with styling or like a lot of variety in your look, the chop cut could be the perfect medium length style for you.

For the classic ladies, the sleek cut embodies straight sleek and shine. This cut frames the face and usually features long layers. Full bangs are usually a must with this cut to complete the face frame and are commonly styled slightly off to one side.

With so many options for medium length hair styles, it may be impossible to choose. Speak with your stylist about what style may be best for your hair type and facial features before settling on the perfect style that will make you look your best.