Med School Rankings - Are They All They%E2%80%99re Cut Out To Be

Med School Rankings – Are They All They’re Cut Out To Be?

By: - Education - August 25, 2011
med school rankings %E2%80%93 are they all they%E2%80%99re cut out to be

There are a number of med school rankings available today. The U.S. News’ annual list of best med schools is the most well-regarded. Med school rankings are based on a variety of criteria ranging from how selective the schools are in their admissions process to program ratings by residency program directors. The amount of funding received by the National Institutes of Health is also factored in. For 2012 Harvard ranked at the top of all of the medical schools in the country, followed by the University of Pennsylvania, the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, and the School of Medicine at Washington University in St. Louis. The rankings report also disclosed that medical schools accept as few as 2.2% of students (in the case of Mayo Medical School) and of the top 20 rated schools only one accepts over ten percent of students who apply. This supports the perception that medical school is extremely competitive to get into, especially when applying to one of the best med schools in the country.

The best med schools for research for the year 2012 are Harvard University and University of Pennsylvania, while the best schools for primary care are the University of Washington and the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. There are also rankings by specialty which can be found on the U.S. News’ Education website.

Rankings aren’t always what they seem, however and just because a school is ranked high on one report probably don’t mean a lot. There are many critiques of the med school rankings system used by U.S. News. For instance, some researchers believe that the methodology used is unscientific and biased, pays no attention to accreditation and does not take into account long-term professional outcomes for graduates. Those in the journalism field have taken the U.S. News to task for not adhering to high journalistic standards of ethics in compiling the list, which they see as too subjective to be useful. The best way to find out which medical schools are the best and possibly the best for you would be to contact some recruiters at hospitals both in your area and some of the top in the country. Find out what medical schools their doctor’s are coming from and ask for some guidance on what schools they would recommend a young pre-med student to check out. Who knows, that same person may be there one day when you are ready for a job in medicine.