Mayan Culture Facts - For Kids

Mayan Culture Facts – For Kids

By: - History - September 27, 2011
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If you are the parent of a child interested in Mayan culture facts, you probably will want to know a bit about the Mayan culture yourself. Beginning about 4000 years ago until the fall of the great empire due to millions dying in and around 900 AD, the Mayan civilization had the technology and culture that, at the time, could rival or even surpass the advancements of today. At the same time, however, the Mayan culture was quite violent and bloody, even sacrificing live members of their empire to their gods. When explaining Mayan culture for kids, it may be in your best interest to censor it as you feel fit for the age and maturity level of your child.

The basic Mayan culture facts when it comes to family it that the Mayans seemed to have a very close-knit family structure and huge support system.  Many members of the same family, from newborns to the oldest great-grandparents would live in the same housing structure. One way to make this interesting for your child and discuss Mayan culture for kids is to ask them how they would feel if all of your family lived under one roof.

One thing that kids love are games and Mayans certainly had an interesting game they played. They would have a long courtyard with vertical hoops many feet up in the air. They would play this ball game, it seems, by only using their shoulders to get the ball through the hoops. Historians believe it was similar to the basketball game that we play today. The winners of the game were adorned in jewels and prizes. The losers were tied up and rolled down the many stairs of the plaza. This may be something you skip when deciding what to share about Mayan culture for kids.

Another thing that kids will probably find to be one of the cool Mayan culture facts is the way the Mayan’s dressed. Though it was very hot in the area of Mexico and Central America where they lived, women wore ankle length dresses made of cotton and men only wore a strip of cloth around their hips and between their legs. Ask your children how they may feel about wearing those clothes and get a discussion going about the ancient Mayans.

You should let your kids know, though many people think the Mayans have died out, there are still pockets of Mayan people in and around the Yucatan Peninsula of Mexico. As descendants of the ancient Mayans, they are an excellent source of information and if you ever have the chance to visit the area, it is highly recommended.