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Developing The Culture Of Beauty

By: - Beauty - July 14, 2011
marinello school of beauty developing the culture of beauty

One of the most prestigious beauty schools in America today is the school known as the Marinello School of Beauty.  In 1903 Ruth Maurer considered her surroundings with regards to beauty products and realized that everything was substandard.  Hair was washed with soap and it was harsh on the facial skin as well.  In the basement of her home she created the first facial cream that spread like wild fire across the North American market and is also a sought after product in Europe, Asia and even Japan.  Inspired by  success with facial cream as an aid to help her fellow women battle facial skin fatigue, she opened her first beauty and cosmetics school called the Marinello School of Beauty.  For well over a century this amazing school has changed lives and it will continue to do so in years to come.

The Marinello School of Beauty Review says that this NACCAS accredited school has demonstrated innovation and creativity throughout the last century in everything from beauty aids, to teaching methodology to teaching aids for the student intent on a career in the beauty industry.  The added feature of the Marinello School of Beauty is that is has more than forty locations spread out over five states, Arizona, Utah, California, Oregon and Nevada.  The Marinello School of Beauty Review further shows that the care given to the working student with day time jobs or children to raise can also take evening courses, plus career development help, networking opportunities and self enhancement to provide them with the confidence and knowledge to get the job done.

According to the Marinello School of Beauty Review, a comprehensive selection of the various forms of beauty culture is addressed with featured guest speakers, participation in talent shows and hands on experience with clients.  Students can learn to ply their respective trades with other leaders in their fields giving guest appearances and participating in beauty shows or fashion seminars.  With an educational system that is graduated, a student will pass through the course building on what previous education they’ve received in earlier classes.  In this fashion, the building blocks of knowledge and application are completed one step at a time to ensure that every angle of learning the beauty industry is instilled.

So you think that this is all about cosmetology and hair styles?  Think again.  The Marinello School of Beauty also has classes that address skin care, Master Spa Therapy, Manicuring, Advanced Face and Body Treatments, Master Esthetics, Hair Design and even Teacher Training for those that want to help advance the potential of other students.

With a demonstrated track record that extends over a century, thousands of student graduates and the millions of people that have benefited from an beauty education above the rest, the Marinello School of Beauty is an iconic institution that is sure to dazzle the masses in beauty for many, many years to come.

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