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By: - Hair - June 6, 2011
manic panic hair dye

Manic Panic hair dye may wow the sense in more ways than one, a store chain that operates out of New York City and other major cities around the world.  Run by Snooky Bellomo and Tish, the doors of this amazing hair salon first opened for business in the later seventies, expanding as far away as Japan.  However, what has made the company very famous is its Manic Panic hair dyes.

Manic Panic hair dye has become an industry leader, starting in 2004 when its hair dyes were used on women and men for an MTV documentary, starting the revival of the punk and goth eras in the 90s and 2000s.  In fact, many famous people use Manic Panic hair dyes, including music legend Marilyn Manson, 80s pop star Cyndi Lauper and Emilie Autumn, an industrial style artist.  Even Jeff Hardy, a world class wrestler has gotten into the Manic Panic craze.  It has becomes so famous that the NY store front was used regularly in the early 80s ‘Saturday Night Live’ opening season.  However, by last year, 7 of the least favorite colors were stopped, still giving customers a choice of up to twenty six colors instead of the former thirty-three colours.  The only explanation for these changes was not a reduction in sales, but a reformulation of the colors being offered.

Today, Manic Panic hair dye is still all the rage, being taken on by so called neo-goths and wannabe neo-punks.  The Manic Panic hair dyes range has since expanded again, including baseball caps, t-shirts, eyeshadow, foundation, eyelashes, boas and nail polish, all with a very vegan leaning.  However, regardless of the lack of animal ingredients, many of the synthetic versions have enabled Manic Panic to continue intriguing yet another generation of hair color fanatics.

If you want to buy Manic Panic products, including their hair colors, only the best salons will carry it and only those who are into the neo-goth or neo-punk revival.  The truth is that the colors are more about daring to be different, which in itself is nothing new, having been developed by generations of original punkers and their subsidiary Goths who came out of the 70s and 80s.  However, if you are part of the new generation of rebellious hair colourists, do not ignore the advice of someone who may be just simply dressed or wearing a suit, because beneath that sophisticated look may be a much more experienced punker or goth who knows a thing or two about hair colour, especially the Manic Panic lines.

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