Malabrigo Yarn%E2%94%80 Soft Versatile Available In Many Unique Colors

Malabrigo Yarn─ Soft, Versatile, Available In Many Unique Colors

By: - Crafts - July 11, 2011
malabrigo yarn%E2%94%80 soft versatile available in many unique colors


 Malabrigo Yarn is created in Uruguay, by a fiber company cooperative that produces yarns from their own sheep.  The Malabrigo Yarn review describes a variety of yarn weights, colors and types, hand painted and kettle died from deep earthy tones to the much brighter jewel tones.

 Since Spanish settlers brought sheep to Uruguay in the 17th century the country has developed a strong culture of sheep and wool production.  The sheep population of Uruguay is the second largest in Latin America. Sheep products are the main export of Uruguay.  These include various wools, fiber and yarn along with sheepskins and sheep meat.

 The first Malabrigo yarn was made in the kitchen of Antonio Gonzalez-Arnao in 2005.  Later, Antonio founded Malabrigo Yarn in Montevideo, Uruguay along with Tobias Feder.  They sold their first yarns in the United States where the results were so positive they expanded distribution to Europe, eventually going worldwide.

 Malabrigo yarn review examines a variety of yarns including: soft Merino worsted wool; Seleccion Privada a hand-dyed, hand-painted yarn in a variation of colors; Aquarella a single ply super bulky wool of 10 water colored combinations; Angora the unique handspun yarn of Native Argentinians; Lace Baby Merino a unique blend of wool bred by northern Uruguay ranchers; and Silky Merino, a blend of wool with silk.  The company is famous for their sock and cotton yarns. 

 A world wide Malabrigo yarn review agrees that Malagrigo yarn supplies the most needs for knitting and crocheting with soft, pliable and colorful yarn.

 There are several terms to describe the way Malabrigo Yarn and other yarn colors are created:

  • Hand dyed is a basic term used for yarns not machine dyed. The method can be used in both natural fibers and synthetic fibers such as nylon and rayon.
  • Space dyed are yarns dyed into multi-colors after spinning.
  • Rainbow dying uses a range of colors or shades applied at random that create a multi-colored or rainbow effect.
  • Dip Dying creates a variegated effect by dipping sections of yarn into the dyes of several pots of different colors.
  • Tie Dying involves binding off sections of yarn so that the dye is absorbed only in the unbound areas.  This is a way to create individual geometric shapes and designs.
  • Hand Painting is the best method for controlling the placement of color pigments.  It is also the most labor intensive as the artist literally paints the colors onto hanks of yarn arranged on a flat surface.

 Malabrigo yarns are hand painted and kettle dyed by a small cooperative of women.  Founder Antonio Gonzalez-Arno selects new designs and colors of yarn each season.

 Because of their softness Malabrigo yarns are used in clothing, sweaters, shawls, mittens and scarves. There are patterns for booties and slippers and babies’ needs.  Knitting patterns are published in abundance and can be found in most bookstores are a variety of websites.  Knitting instructions and classes are also available from a variety of sources on the web.