Magnetek Electric Motors - Diversity For The Future

Magnetek Electric Motors – Diversity For The Future

By: - Corporate - July 13, 2011
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Of all the industrial motors manufactured in the world, Magnetek electric motors are among the most versatile and environmentally-conscious to be found.  With special attention to preserving the viability of the future through green practices and diversity in the products they create, Magnetek has gone far in setting themselves apart from other companies that make similar products.

One of the primary challenges that Magnetek has faced in recent years is adapting to the rise in popularity of renewable energy products and the prospects that they present in a changing world.  The company met the concept head on and has grown to become one of the leading manufacturers of such devices, with Magnetek electric motors being found in wind turbines across the globe.  Even as other companies have struggled to find their place in such a rapidly changing world, Magnetek has thrived, using their knowledge of the intricacies of motors to harness the power of renewable resources like wind and thrive in rapidly evolving world.

Of course, the company has been around for far longer than wind energy, and has made a name for itself through the development of different technologies that companies have utilized for decades.  Among its more notable uses, the Magnetek electric motor is used to drive countless elevators across America and in other countries.  With products that suit any size of elevator, large or small, serving high-rise buildings as well as two story structures, Magnetek electric motors are found everywhere.  The next time that you step into an elevator and ride it up to the top of a towering building, there is a fair chance that a Magnetek motor is propelling it to such heights.

A Magnetek electric motor can be found in nearly every industrial field and have uses that stretch well beyond the wind turbines and towers that we see on a daily basis.  Magnetek has worked to develop advanced power platforms for mining operations and keep employees safe even as they bring wealth and success through the materials they free and transport.  They can be found driving hydraulic devices, bringing power wherever it might be needed.  Yet everything the company does is achieved with careful attention to responsibility and care for the environment.

There are many companies in the world that make motors for one application or another.  Such companies are widely varied in their focus and may specialize in one particular field or another.  A Magnetek electric motor strays from this general approach to electricity by making itself applicable to different scenarios.  Magnetek motors are found miles beneath the Earth’s surface as well as thousands of feet above it.  They pull coal from deep depths even as they convert the power of wind into energy that can be distributed to homes across the country.  It is all handled with careful attention to the impact such actions have on the environment, and the company takes careful steps to minimize its impact on the world.  Magnetek deserves recognition for the versatility of its products and its desire to preserve our resources for generations to come.

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