Lowlights In Hair

Putting In Some Black

By: - Hair - August 30, 2011
lowlights in hair putting in some black

One of the most frequently visited boutiques around are the hair salons, where patrons gather to peruse the copious magazines on the latest hair styles or undertake something new and daring to add that luster to their existing hair styles.  One of the newest and hottest styles now are those in which people like to have lowlights in hair fashions.  A common feature of this is those who have brown hair with black lowlights.  Below, we will elaborate more fully on just what these new and exciting styles are and if they are right for you.

First of all, just what are lowlights in hair and what is the difference between these and highlights in your hair?  This is an elementary answer, in that whereas high lights in your hair will give a lighter and brighter look to your hair style, lowlights in hair will deepen and actually darken it.  To give an example of highlight versus lowlights, let us look at highlights, say for example if you want brown hair with black highlights.  The most popular forms of highlighting hues are those that include chamomile and golden tones, and blonde color variants, while those of lowlights in hair styles are those that are typically plum colors, reddish hues and shades of auburn.  Lowlights in hair, like their highlight counterparts, don’t have to be confined to simple one particular shade – rather, there can be a number of different color combinations to give the right consistent look all the way around and from top to the hair beneath the outer layer.  Therefore, you can have variations within your hair, even if you choose brown hair with black highlights.

Before deciding on whether to have lowlights in hair or if you should have the brown hair with black lowlights, an obvious question is whether or not this kind of hair style is the right fit for you or not.  Unlike grabbing garments from the rack and trying them on in the change rooms of a popular department store, hair styles are there until they fade or until you elect to spend more money to have it changed around.  This can be costly and disappointing to those that realize too late that they have the wrong cut and the wrong look.  First of all, low lights will work with any lengths of hair and hair colors.  It is suggested though that when you elect either a high light or a low light that you compare your root color to the shade that you are looking for and that you don’t move more than three shades in either direction from that color if you want to get the most natural look.  The enhanced warmth and texture is accentuated when using lowlights as it gives that natural look especially to those that want to make the transition from being blonde back into the darker tones or those whose hair is the victim of a overdone dye attempt.  Those are the differences between the highs and lows of hair colors.  No matter what direction, they all look great but each with a different look to make you feel natural and terrific looking.  The same effect works equally as well for brown hair with black highlights.

Photo: hair – copyright 2009, BlackStripe – reproduced under Creative Commons Attribution Share-Alike License 3.0, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Pili_Multigemini.jpg