Lowlights In Brown Hair - Can You Do Them At Home

Lowlights In Brown Hair – Can You Do Them At Home?

By: - Beauty - September 2, 2011
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When updating or changing your hair color, you have probably heard of highlights which are when you take sections of your hair and dye them a shade or two lighter than your natural color. Lowlights are just the opposite. You are taking sections of your hair and dyeing them a shade or two darker than your natural color. Coloring your hair and making a change can not only update your look, it can make you feel a lot better about yourself and raise your self esteem. If you have darker hair, lowlights in brown hair can give your hair great depth and levels of color you would be hard pressed to find naturally.

Lowlights in brown hair should only be done by a professional unless you are extremely confident you can do it correctly.  Lowlights in brown hair can add dimension to your and are commonly shades of red, plum and auburn. Using 2 or more of these shades can really give you a dynamite look that will turn up the sass and style that can be quite dramatic.

Lowlights can work for all hair colors except for the darkest black hair. Lowlights in blonde hair can be just as dramatic as those in brown hair, especially adding warmth and texture to blondes. Staying with the most natural colors, you shouldn’t go three shades under your natural color unless you really want to be dramatic.

Lowlights in hair will last 6-12 weeks in most cases. Lowlights in blonde hair tend to be a bit shorter than that range. You will need to get them touched up in that time frame and even sooner if you have short hair or went for a really dramatic look.

Keeping lowlights in blonde hair, as well as in brown, looking good can be fairly easy. Apply a moisturizing shampoo made for colored hair and condition each time you wash. Try to not wash your hair every day if you can and if you go swimming, massage your hair with a bit of olive oil to keep it moisturized.

Getting lowlights done by a professional typically range from $90 to $150 depending on your hair type and style. This may sound like a lot and you may be tempted to skip the salon and do it from home for less money. Be warned though, it can cost double or triple the $90 – $150 you will spend on lowlights to fix a mistake done by an amateur.