Low Glycemic Diet

Beneficial For Diabetics

By: - Weight Loss - May 1, 2011
low glycemic diet

The Glycemic index is the measurement used, to count the speed that food is broken down in the body to form glucose. High G.I. foods are the ones that never satisfy your intake of food, but leave you craving for more. On the other hand, low G.I. foods do not leave you hungry; only give you the feeling of being well nourished. A good diet is the one that contains only a low Glycemic index diet within its content.

On the “not to eat menu,” are fried foods, bread that is not on the low Glycemic diet, chocolates and sweets; fast foods and any foods that are processed. This variety of foodstuff is no longer nutritious only weight producing, as the fat/sugar content remains too long in the body.

Foods that contain essential nutrients and are excellent for maintaining good health include fruit, vegetables raw or lightly cooked, whole grains or rye wheat, legumes, lean meat or fish, but not crab, lobster, prawns or salmon. On this list, include nuts and fat free dairy products. Mentally, they promote a happier outlook and are on the low Glycemic index diet. For variation, use Pasta made from durum wheat and basmati rice as alternative additions for the diet.

It is remarkable what a low Glycemic diet can do for your well-being. You will notice weight loss in a couple of weeks, feel physically better and much more energetic. The craving for “snacking” will soon disappear and you will feel filled for longer periods, thus achieving a low Glycemic index diet.

Most diets make you very aware that you are “dieting.”  However, a low Glycemic diet is not strictly speaking a diet; it is a way of living. After a period of about two months, you will find this way of eating has become such a habit, that you will not want to ingest any fatty or sugary food. You will now have an eating program that is a natural and integral part of your daily life.

Reading the fat and sugar content on the backs of purchases at supermarkets, is of vital help in deciding a selection of foods that are compatible with healthy eating and ultimately will provide you with a longer life expectancy!

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