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By: - Marketing - July 25, 2011
longhorn steakhouse locations locating your favorite restaurant

George McKerrow could not have anticipated the pleasure that people would get when he opened his first LongHorn Steakhouse in 1981.  However, since the opening of the LongHorn Steaks Restaurant Saloon on the streets of Atlanta in Georgia, fate played a major role in helping people discover the place, helping the restaurant to develop into a nationwide chain of fine steak restaurants.  In fact, there are Longhorn Steakhouse locations in thirty-three US states, making having an online Longhorn Steakhouse locator even more important for customers to find their favorite place to eat steak.

Today you can find three hundred and fifty Longhorn Steakhouse locations across the US.  It has become part of a vast chain of restaurants owned now by Darden Restaurants, making it a friendly competitor of such major chains, including Bahama Breeze, Seasons 52, Red Lobster and the Olive Garden.  Its Longhorn Steakhouse locator is even more important if you go to the main Darden website as there are so many restaurants to be sidetracked by.  However, what draws in many visitors is the Texan, westernized theme of the place.  Every location has been decked out with memorabilia from the Wild West, its décor a scattering of old and genuine photos and paintings.  The food, of course, is the primary reason why food lovers head to their booths and comfortable chairs.  Not only does the restaurant carry steak, the obvious thing, but their menu has an extensive collection.  You can choose varied side dishes, or opt for a quick appetizer with shrimp.  Salads are highly popular, as is their lobster and succulent salmon.  However, what really gets the tongue dancing are its chicken, ribs and steaks, some of them so big that you could easily share the meals between two people and just pay next to nothing for one of the best meals in town.  As if that was not sufficient, you might want a quick burger or sandwich for lunch, or just pop in for one of its signature drinks, including margaritas, wines and beers.  Whatever your choice, the Longhorn Steakhouse will be hard to avoid.

The Longhorn Steakhouse locations offer choice, good value for money, fine food and amazing drinks.  The Longhorn Steakhouse locator makes it that much easier for you to get your meal out and to get one that is memorable.  It is a useful tool that is making even choosing what you want before you arrive that much easier.

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