Liver Pain

Finding Help For Your Gallbladder

By: - Disease & Illness - August 8, 2011
liver pain finding help for your gallbladder

Each time that you go out for a bite to eat or have a couple of cups of tea and you begin to feel some discomfort, if not pain in your abdomen, I’m certain that you have to wonder just what is going on that you would feel like that.  If you feel such a sensation and it appears to be ongoing, you may wish to start to consider correlating the symptoms with something concrete that may be the sign of something more serious.  This may mean that you need to glean the assistance of a gallbladder specialist.

Abdominal pain can be easily confused for liver pain. However, if you can localize and identify the area to which the pain that you’re feeling is emanating you may have a better idea as to what it could possibly be, as there are several vital organs within the abdominal area.  If the pain that you’re experiencing is in the upper right hand quadrant of your abdominal area, the likelihood that the pains that you’re feeling may very likely is liver pain, and you can find relief by consulting with a gallbladder specialist.  Abdominal pain, liver pain and pancreatic pain have overlapping symptoms such as difficulties in breathing, swollen testicles, eating dysfunction, excessive weariness, pain in your right shoulder or jaundice, but, as stated above with liver pain, the ability to identify the area to which the pain is originating will usually be of the greatest assistance in identifying the potential problems.

Substance abuse, particularly that of alcohol will be a major source of liver pain however if there is an existing situation of Hepatitis, drinking may not be the sole cause rather than an exacerbating feature of liver pain.  Depending in large part on just what the source of liver pain is will determine the means by which medical staff will treat the condition.   When experiencing abdominal pain of any kind that seems to be ongoing and prevalent, it is best to consult a physician as soon as possible to determine the cause and treatment of what could very well be a serious situation.

For those patients who are undergoing an experience with gallstones, the importance of finding a doctor to treat the issue must be confined to that of a gallstone specialist.  Once a gallstone specialist has been found by the patient, the task is then to make an accurate diagnosis as to whether gallstones are really responsible for the symptoms that are exhibited.  The reason for this is that some of the symptoms to which gallstones is responsible overlap with similar symptoms exhibited by other ailments.  A gallstone specialist has first to identify the exact cause of these overlapping symptoms and then determining the best course of action through an accepted list of criteria that identifies symptoms consistent with gallstone difficulties.  These are:

  • Biliary colic ( this is a pain that is in the top middle area of the stomach)
  • Pancreatitis ( acute)
  • Acute cholecystitis (pains in the top middle of the stomach along with a high fever by the patient)
  • Jaundice

The ultrasonography procedure has made diagnosis easier for the gallstone specialist in ascertaining what exact causes can be considered before proceeding onto surgery for gallstones.  Surgery can result in some complications during the process and post surgery as well, so the importance of determining causation is crucial prior to undertaking treatment.

The more that thirty-five million Americans alone who have some form of bladder disorder  will experience some of the following symptoms that typify the condition:

  • As the bladders fills the pain or the discomfort begins to escalate
  • Genetalia and pelvic regions that have a sensitivity, a sense of pressure or pain,
  • Increased frequency in urination.  Whereas the average individual will urinate about four to seven times daily, those stricken with a bladder disorder will find themselves urinating as high as thirty times daily;
  • Bladders that bleed,
  • Ulcers within the bladder,
  • Painful ejaculations in men and painful sexual interactions between both men and women.

There are varying forms of bladder disorders however the most common is that of the condition known as INTERTESTIAL CYSTITIS, or IC, although most experts on bladder disorder now refer to it as BPS, or bladder pain syndrome.  The symptoms surround the condition will be different in degree from one person to the other and will, over the course of time change in its degree or characteristics.  For women, menstrual periods will herald a more painful bout of BPS than usual yet some will only experience small discomforts.  More frequently than not, bladder disorders will be found in those in middle years to seniors years although it does affect young people and even teenagers as well.  It is thought that the wall of the bladder will have some kind of defect which in turn makes it vulnerable to irriation by the urine, content within the urine itself that causes the irritation, a condition of the nerves surrounding the bladder that make the process of bladder fill a painful one to a problem with the immune system in that it actually attacks or interferes with the functions of the bladder.  As said before, the cause isn’t entirely known however there are suspicions but research is ongoing into this disorder that can greatly affect lifestyles, relationships and cause not only a total disruption in a persons lifestyle but lead to depression as well. That is why, finding a gallbladder specialist will help you relieve your discomfort and find the answers you need to become healthy again.

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