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Conservatism Never Looked So Good

By: - Dance - July 4, 2011
liturgical dancewear conservatism never looked so good

If you love to dance and do it professionally or just with a group, having a traditional costume just adds that add of flair to your events, doesn’t it? That is where Liturgical dancewear comes into play, offering a broad range of beautiful dresses, blouses and skirts for the women who love to dance.  In fact, Liturgical dance wear has become synonymous with quality dancewear.

Liturgical dancewear also offers outfits for men and children.   There are many local dance and theatrical companies that use the Liturgical dance wear.  Special outfits let the dancers flow with their dance, moving freely as they dance and sing, their outfits flowing with them without restricting their movements.  Quite often these outfits are used for religious presentations, perfect for those choreographed moments when singing, prayer and worship are combined.  However, finding the outfits from this company can be difficult as many companies and dancewear outlets prefer tofocus on the polyester and nylon fabric type outfits, whereas this company likes to combine these with other fabrics to give better and long lasting fabrics that can be reused.  They add in spandex to give complete stretchability and use natural dyes to give the best of colours, especially popular with ethnic dance groups.

Liturgical dancewear provides more modest skirts, blouses and leotards, unlike the more modern and revealing ones found in many dancewear outlets.  These are matched up with full length skirts, lengthy tunics and even colourful sashes.  In fact, the styles and cuts of the outfits are especially made to appeal to the more modest dance troops and performers, especially as their biggest niche market audience is from the religious groups and churches.  Even men’s pants from the range of dance clothes are very conservative, loose-fitting and wide-legged.  They are not designed to restrict or emphasize the body, but create a soft feel as do many of the dance movements that the more religious groups practice.  Though many dancers using the Liturgical dance wear go barefoot, the lengths of the skirts and pants are not too long to drag on the floor or be tripped over and thus shoes can be worn without any catching issues.  Best of all, choosing the right garments from the wide collection is easy to do.  Dancers are encouraged to find garments that are suited to their flow of movements versus their appearance in relation to the their bodies.  It allows most dancers to modestly present their dance, songs and faith whilst setting an example of the modesty and humility that they are trying to present to their audiences.

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