Lipozene Scam A Weight Loss Product That Helps

Lipozene Scam-a Weight Loss Product That Helps?

By: - Weight Loss - July 10, 2011
lipozene scam a weight loss product that helps

Lipozene is a product manufactured by Obesity Research Institute, LLC and there are questions to the Institute’s involvement in the lipozene scam.

Complaints do not seem to be against the product lipozene so much the institute’s involvement in releasing lipozene scam information in order to quell suspicion by providing in-depth information about ingredients and use.

Some lipozene scam information questions dubious credit activity in which customers have been charged for the product long after they have stopped ordering it.  Others say they were billed for product they never ordered.  Makers of lipozene were fined by the FTC in 2005 for using misrepresentations about their weight loss products thus helping to originate the lipozene scam.

The official lipozene web site does not list all of the ingredients in lipozene.  The website states lipozene’s primary ingredient is ‘glucomannan’, a fiber derived from an Asian perennial fruit cultivated in Japan, the root of the knojac.  While sometimes used to treat constipation, elevated cholesterol and overweight the FDA has not approved the use of glucomannan.  Fiber is necessary in any diet.  However, lipozene users have complained of feeling ill after using lipozene or other products containing glucomannan.  It is not known if the amount of the fiber glucomannan causes illness or if illness is caused by some other unidentified ingredient.

Lipozene is advertised as a fat burning substance.  However, part of the lipozene scam surrounds the fact that glucomannan as fiber is a filler not a fat burner.   A positive point explains that taking lipozene one half hour before eating causes the glucomannan (fiber) to expand (through water absorption) causing a person to eat less.  It should be noted that the amount of expansion is determined by the amount of water one drinks when taking lipozene.  Little use of water may cause nausea and stomach upset; excessive use of water may cause too much expansion that also creates nausea and stomach upset.

In conclusion before one tries lipozene as a weight loss supplement one should consider the opposing facts:

1. complaints about billing
2. little known information about all the ingredients of lipozene
3. Numerous reports about illness when taking lipozene.

It is wise to gather and thoroughly study all of the lipozene scam information one can before using lipozene.  There are many sources for a person to do their own research.  The internet, of course will provide a variety of pros and cons toward lipozene.  There are published books available in libraries or for purchase which address the lipozene scam and its potential problems.  Most importantly, one should always consult with their physician before they consume any weight loss supplement or embark on any kind of weight loss regimen.