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By: - Holidays - May 29, 2011
lion tamer costume

Many people think of some really amazing costumes when it comes to Halloween, but the odd one may jump at the idea of finding a lion tamer costume or sailor Halloween costumes.  However, there are many costumes that can make the Halloween season fun and exciting, so finding the right Halloween costume for you is essential as there are many factors to consider before buying one.

When Halloween is fast approaching, most people choose to find out about which costume is best for them for major parties, but leave little time to make real preparations or shop around.  Occasionally, one has to laugh when someone really steps into character, taking on the persona of their costumed character, donning that lion tamer costume.  Yes, every girl likes a tough guy, especially a daring and brave one, but what about sailor costumes.  Hmm… many girls like a guy in uniform, so it takes a specially made outfit that is fit to perfection to really make the whole thing work.

If you go for the lion tamer costume, consider the actions that go along with it or you will find yourself just wearing some crazy outfit and really not pulling off the part very well.  You want to win that best costume prize? If you do, consider jumping around with a chair in one hand and rope or whip in another, fighting off a ferocious, imaginary beast as you enter the center of the party floor.  Get into the character and you will win that prize.  However, if you are heading out with a bunch pals in those amazing sailor Halloween costumes, consider the sailor walk and the sailor talk.  Remember that men in uniform are well trained and walk tall.  They have also been at sea for awhile and thus add in to your act that of the man glad to be back on solid ground and in the presence of women, but do not over do it!

Whether you go for the lion tamer costume or brings along friends in the sailor Halloween costumes, playing the part is much more than just simply dressing in costume.  You have to act the part, but do not go too far and make fools of yourself and those you are with.  You can find some amazing costumes through online stores or go to a costume rental company that deals with theatrical and movie performances.  They might be a tad expensive, but you will get the real McCoy!

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