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Getting More Than Just Locations

By: - Marketing - July 25, 2011
krogers store locator getting more than just locations

Many people use the Krogers store locator every day, which is found on their main website, out of the Cincinnati headquarters.  However, as you soon discover, there are many states listed with Krogers store locations USA, it appears to make it hard to for you to easily define which one is best for you.  Thankfully, there are so many locations across the country that you will be hard pressed not to be able to find one of the mall jewelry, convenience, department, hypermarket or supermarket stores anywhere in the US.

Krogers store locator can give you a lot of information that you may not be aware of about Krogers store locations USA.  As you find the store you are looking for, you will learn about how Krogers came to be in 1883 in Ohio.  In fact, Krogers was founded as a supermarket retail chain by a man named Bernard Kroger, who would have been mighty proud that his chain of varied stores had grown so substantially that in 2009, the company had profited in the region of $76 billion US.  In fact, he may have been jumping with excitement to learn that Krogers is now that country’s biggest grocery store outlet, as well as being the 2nd biggest grocery outlet in terms of its volume nationwide.  It is second only to Walmart in the area of retail and as of 2010, has about three thousand stores, including subsidiaries.  To understand it better, difference generations of subsidiaries include such companies as Dillon, Kwik Shop, Gerbes, Baker’s, Fry’s, City Market and King Soopers.  Other major Kroger owned chains include Cala Foods, Bell Markets, Food 4 Less, Fred Myer, Fred Meyer Northwest Best, Fred Meyer Marketplace, Fred Meyer Jewelers, Littman Jewelers, Barclay Jewelers, Fox’s Jewelers, Hilander, JayC Food Stores, Fresh Fare, Loaf  ‘n’ Jug, Owen’s Market, Pay Less, Quality Food Centers, Quik Stop, Ralphs, Scott’s Food Pharmacy, Smith’s Food and Drug, Turkey Hill and Henke Pillot.  So, if you are really stuck and cannot find a store with the name Kroger, you may be pleased to know that a Kroger store in disguise is probably closer than you may think.

What else can you find by using the Kroger store locator? Each of Krogers store locations USA have multiple types of departments, including the addition of a grocery section, a coffee shop, a jewelry store and a fast food outlet.  If you need to do some banking, there is always usually a banking outlet there, too.  Best of all, when you finally find your location, you can choose from many products in a variety of areas, including bedding, bath, home furnishings, appliances and even toys.  Many of these products are manufactured in one of the many manufacturing plants that the company owns, approximately forty or so.  Even their own dairy products come from Kroger dairies, numbering fifteen, and these are not including their ice cream plants (3).  There are ten major bakeries and delis at work behind the scenes, two meat plants, and eight grocery production plants.  Whether its peanut butter, dog food, a ring or a stove, Krogers has an outlet in your nearest major town or city.

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