Konnecto Flooring

Getting High Quality

By: - Home Improvement - July 20, 2011
konnecto flooring getting high quality

Konnecto flooring is amazing according to the majority of satisfied customers.  It is an affordable type of wooden flooring that the majority of even most amateur DIYers can install by themselves.  Konnecto floors have many benefits, but most of all they are very affordable and are ideal for anyone wanting a touch of style and charm without breaking the budget.

Konnecto flooring is definitely reasonably priced.  Many have found the flooring to be super durable and love the fact that you do not have to use messy glues as the flooring is self-adhesive.  Best of all, the wooden appearance is inviting and full of rich color, of which there are many choices of colors to choose from.  Easy to put in yourself, the flooring comes with easy to follow instructions, though if you prefer to see visual directions, the company’s website has an easy to follow set online.  However, once completed, the comfort that your feet feel is outstanding, reducing the normal noise that many would associate with wooden floors.  Other benefits of having Konnecto floors include:

  • Waterproof
  • Ceramic type finish
  • Comes with a non-crack, non-chip guarantee
  • Not affected by the majority of household chemicals
  • Easily remedies irregularities that may be found on old sub-flooring
  • Each plank is easily replaceable

Konnecto flooring is a home remodeling dream come true.  Sometimes it is impossible to be able to afford some wooden floorings, especially in larger areas such as living rooms and kitchens.  Thankfully the flooring provided by Konnecto can be easily matched with new cabinetry, furnishings, countertops and even curtains.  Even after you do your research to look at the product’s pros and cons, you will soon see that this product far exceeds any expectations that most people have of it.  In fact, their prestige line is outstanding.  So, if you want to have a floor that replaces the old, this one may be for you.  It is very durable, is not made of cheesy looking plastic and is easy to maintain.  You simply just wipe it over and you should be able to use it without scuffs, scratches and marks for a good twenty-five years, which far exceeds that of many more expensive wooden floors which are more often not guaranteed beyond ten years.  But where can you buy your own Konnecto floor? That part is simple because you can find them quite often online or through major interior construction house material providers.  In many cases, because the amount you may need will far exceed the $100 mark if you are doing even a small room, most online providers will ship the product to you for free, saving you hundreds of unnecessary dollars in renovation costs.

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