Kohl%E2%80%99s Wedding Registry Offers Exclusive Benefits For Registering And Shopping

Kohl’s Wedding Registry Offers Exclusive Benefits For Registering And Shopping

By: - Weddings - June 25, 2011
kohl%E2%80%99s wedding registry offers exclusive benefits for registering and shopping

Kohl’s wedding registry give the bride and groom an opportunity to make their wedding wishes come true. The store is one of the most popular department stores that offer free registration online. The department store has a wide range of products including men & women’s apparel, furniture & décor, kitchen & dining products and a line of jewelry and watches. Setting up Kohl’s wedding gift registry may be easier than you think and comes with many benefits.

Setting it up online provides convenient shopping for family and friends. The retailer has more than 1,000 store locations across the United States so you can visit a location or browse online for gift items. Online shopping allows you to shop from home and you can easily add or remove items at your convenience. Kohl’s wedding registry offers a gift registry catalog that gives great ideas on what you and your spouse may want for your wedding gifts.

The department store offers discounts on most of the items. When you set up your Kohl’s wedding gift registry your guests qualify to receive a 15 percent discount when they shop from your registry. They can create announcement cards for your guest that feature a promo code they use upon shopping. Also you have the option of letting the store notify your guests that you have a registry with them. The process is easy and secure and they will let you know when guests are notified.

The retailer offers exclusive benefits to setting up a gift list with them including sales announcements by email and easy options for keeping track of items. Kohl’s wedding registry offers a special completion feature giving an additional 15 percent off to the bride and groom on items left after the wedding. Certain brands carried by the department store will give the bride and groom special offers on products if added to their registry and even give the couple a free gift.

Kohl’s wedding gift registry makes returns and exchanges easy. Even though you may have added an item to your registry, it is possible you may not be happy with the end result. If the item was purchased either online or in the store, the process is easy for returning or exchanging gift items. The store has a partnership with weddingchannel.com that makes your information available for friends and family members. The partnerships allow the bride and groom to customize their page with photos and tell the story behind their relationship and engagement.