Kistler Rods Some Of The Best In The Business

Kistler RodsSome Of The Best In The Business

By: - Fishing - July 5, 2011
kistler rods some of the best in the business

As rods companies go, Kistler Rods is a fairly young company.   Started by Trey Kistler in 1999, the company came about because local anglers were looking for higher quality rods than they could easily purchase, so Trey started building custom fishing rods in his garage.

Trey’s decision to start a new company wasn’t made lightly.  In fact, he had six years’ experience in the fishing rod business.  His father Billy Kistler had founded Castaway Rods, and Trey had worked for him there.

Trey’s prior experience was enough to get him started moving in the right direction with Kistler Rods, and gave him the perseverance to succeed.   He lived through the ups and downs of starting a new business, but never gave up his goal of building the best and most innovative fishing rods on the market.  And he was confident enough to back up the quality of his rods with the Kistler Rods warranty, which also is one of the best on the market.

The introduction of Kistler’s Magnesium and Helium Rods changed how the public thinks about traditional fishing rods.  Trey says these re-engineered rods are a case of “the best getting better.”  He refers to these Kistler rods as “Fishing Never Felt So Good.”

Kistler’s Micro rods bring extreme innovation to fishing rods; they can increase your fishing success.  And of course they, too, are backed up by the Kistler Rods warranty.  Kistler Rods is the first company to bring this particular technology to fishing rods.

Quite a few companies have copied Kistler Rods’ designs over the past few years, but this just drives Trey to keep pushing the envelope of innovation.  Recently the company has introduced a “Build Your Own Rod” program on their website.  Now an angler can go to the Kistler Rods website and order a completely customized rod that Trey and his team will build within just a few days.  But of course, you still can go to your favorite tackle store and purchase a rod today.

Trey Kistler believes in being interactive with his customers.  He encourages every customer who tries a Kistler Rod to call, write or e-mail him and tell him about the experience. “We love to hear big fish stories from all over the world,” he says.
The Kistler Rods Warranty
Trey Kistler puts unmatched craftsmanship into every rod the Kistler Rods builds.  They’re assembled in Texas, right here in the USA.  Each rod undergoes rigorous testing and inspection.  In addition, each rod gets a serial number so the customer can register the rod and receive full warranty coverage for one year.  The Kistler Rods warranty is clear: the company doesn’t do rod exchange for normal wear from normal use of a rod.  But if a rod fails because of a manufacturing defect, the company will stand behind it with their industry recognized “Smart” One Year Limited Guarantee.

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