Kindgergarten Graduation Songs

Taking The Next Step

By: - Childhood Education - June 14, 2011
kindergarten graduation songs

When we were kids, there was no such thing as kindergarten graduation, let alone kindergarten graduation songs or kindergarten graduation poems.  Some people never went to kindergarten and still see graduation as something you do from high school, college or university.  However, graduation from kindergarten is done with a purpose in mind, mainly to give kids a way of celebrating their achievements as the baby members of their elementary school, where they are stepping out from a mainly play based type of educational routine into the standard educational format of the conventional classroom.

Kindergarten graduations songs can be incorporated into their last day of kindergarten with a party and they can even spend time learning kindergarten graduation poems to present not only to their fellow students, but to attending parents.  It makes them feel more grown up and less like a baby.  It gives them the confidence to move into the first grade without fear or apprehension and it helps them develop a sense of responsibility towards themselves and the work that they do.

So, what types of kindergarten songs are there? Well, the most popular ones used by many teachers today include:

  • ‘I’ve Been Going to Kindergarten’
  • ‘A, B, C Farewell’
  • ‘Zip-a-dee-doo-dah’
  • ‘Your Teacher’
  • ‘Grand Old School’
  • ‘Great Expectations’
  • ‘Little Light Of Mine’

and many others.  As far as kindergarten graduation poems are concerned, there are a few that really stand out, including:

  • ‘Young Poets’
  • ‘Mary’s Lamb’
  • ‘Never Stop Learning’
  • ‘Graduation is a Time’,

as well as getting each kindergarten to write their own poems to read to the class or a number of poems to give to their fellow students by way of being graduation type gifts.

Kindergarten graduation songs and kindergarten graduation poems are fun.  Kids, parents and teachers can join in on all the singing, holding hands, dancing and whatever else seems to fit the moment.  Many are accompanied by fingerplays and other actions, giving the kids a sense of excitement and desire to learn more.  They also gain a sense of sentimentality and pride in their school at a young age, as well as respecting the teachers that they have as a means of fun education.  Most importantly, they feel good about themselves and cannot wait to get back to school after the summer because they miss the camaraderie and sense of belonging to something very important, outside of their family environments.

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