Kids Trundle Beds

Getting The Facts

By: - Parenting - July 20, 2011
kids trundle beds getting the facts

Trundle beds have been making life easier and more practical for many people for many years now.  They are used to provide two beds instead of one in the space provided for only one bed normally.  These make them ideal for kids.  In fact, kids trundle beds are increasing popular as you simply can roll out the bed from beneath your child’s regular bed to provide a place for their friends to sleep.  A kids trundle bed is so convenient, but you are not stuck with just one type as there are many choices available that your kids would love.

Kids trundle beds are very comfortable.  The majority of them are twin in size, but if your kid wants a kids trundle bed with more space then you can easily find ones that are bigger, fit under loft beds, bunk beds or even expand to a full sized one for much older kids and teens.  If you look around you can find ones with drawers beneath them, a perfect combination for guests as they provide clothes storage space for visitors or simply give you means to hide the fact that you have another bed stored under your kid’s bed.  A kids trundle bed also can come as a mere metal frame with roller type wheels.  Though these do nothing to hide the fact that you have a bed stored under a bed, they can be hidden easily with a bed skirt on the main bed.  However, what makes them most practical for kids is that they are easily rolled from underneath and back under your kid’s bed without much effort.  This means that your kid can probably prepare for their guest themselves and get involved in putting it away when needed.

Kids trundle beds are good for kids because it gives them a fun place to entertain friends.  They can have a sleep over and obtain memories of childhood that are simply priceless.  A kids trundle bed does not take away from the space that your kid needs to grow up in.  They are not restricted to play space and can use the bed without a mattress simply for storing their prized toys instead of having heavy and cumbersome trunks and toy boxes lying around.  The mattresses roll up, made commonly of foam, so you do not have to worry about storing those as they roll into compact tubes and can be stuck in garbage bags until needed.  Because the wooden versions are much more popular, you can pain the frame to match that of your child’s bed.  You can get ones to suit boys rooms or girls rooms.  In fact, the trundle bed is so versatile for kids that you will never have to bother yourself with sleeping bag options again.

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