Kevin Bacon Logitech Commercial - Kevin Plays Kevin Super Fan

Kevin Bacon Logitech Commercial – Kevin Plays Kevin Super Fan

By: - Television - October 6, 2011
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Kevin Bacon has always had a lot of super fans, but he hadn’t played one, or made fun of himself and his own fans, until the 2010 Logitech Kevin Bacon commercial. In the Kevin Bacon Logitech commercial, you will see Kevin Bacon doing an impersonation of a fan who is obsessed with Kevin Bacon.  It sounds confusing, but it is a hilarious attempt at making fun of himself with the help of electronic manufacturer, Logitech.

In the Kevin Bacon Logitech commercial, the role that Kevin Bacon plays would certainly be considered a geek. Others may call the character a nerd, dweeb or dork, but what it comes down to is this character is quite socially awkward and borders on being a little bit creepy. The super fan that Kevin Bacon plays in the commercial for Logitech is searching the internet and especially YouTube for movies and videos of the actor. What makes this so funny is the actor playing the super fan, whose name is “Ivan Cobenk”, is actually Kevin Bacon.

The 2010 Logitech Kevin Bacon commercial is actually selling a product, though many haven’t really noticed. The Logitech Revue is the product being sold in the commercial and if you have seen the 30 or 60 second extended version, you will know that the Revue is using Google TV and hooked up to “Ivan’s” HDTV. Some may argue it is an advertisement for all three products, in fact. As the Logitech Kevin Bacon commercial is completed, you will notice numerous references to the actor himself.

Reviews for the Kevin Bacon Logitech commercial are pretty good and it has been called everything from funny and clever to creepy and insane. What many people agree on is the product, the Logitech Revue, really does get lost in the shuffle. In fact, the Revue itself doesn’t have the best reviews itself, so many who have seen the commercial say it may have been even more popular and effective if it was promoting another product all together.

The genius who got Kevin Bacon of all people needs to be commended as he is a cult favorite himself. With a huge fan base, probably including those like “Ivan Cobenk”, they surely got some sales, no matter how good their product is or was. If you want to see the Kevin Bacon commercial, a simply internet search will bring up several versions for your viewing enjoyment.

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