Keurig B30

A Household Dream, One Cup At A Time

By: - Coffee - August 1, 2011
keurig b30 a household dream one cup at a time

Quoting the motto from the Keurig website, “Why brew coffee a pot at a time when we drink it a cup at a time?” Perhaps this is why the Keurig b30 has been such a wonder invention. Keurig b30 reviews rave about the benefits of the compact mini Keurig b30.

Keurig is a subsidiary of the Green Mountain Coffee Company. The brand name Keurig derives from the Dutch term for ‘excellence’ for which the company has built its reputation. Green Mountain Coffee Company produces a wide range of products from their innovative coffee machines to an impressive line of teas and gourmet coffees. Founded in 1981, in a small café in Waitsfield, Vermont, today the company headquarters are located in Waterbury, Vermont where they also operate 90,000 foot roasting facility. There are additional distribution centers in New York, Massachusetts and Connecticut.

In answer to the question the Green Mountain people asked themselves, “Why do we make an entire pot of coffee when we drink only one pot at a time?” they created the Keurig K-Pod in 1998, the first brewing system to brew one perfect cup of coffee in less than a minute. Since then the concept has grown as the leader of single-cup brewing coffee in the United States and Canada. Green Mountain is also affiliated with beverage companies such as Timothy’s World Coffee and Bigelow Tea Company.

Keurig coffeemakers were first sold as commercial machines to create one cup of coffee at a time. Commercial selections display three coffee cup sizes with an LCD screen for easy reading. Since the invention of K-cups ( pre-packaged filters of gourmet versions) the ease of the Keurig machines is even more popular. Keurig also offers a line of reusable filters called My-K in which conventional ground coffee may be used. Commercial Keurig machines remove the K- cups into a disposal within the machines. They also connected to a water supply line whereas some of the smaller home and office machines hold water tanks that must be filled manually.

The popular Keurig b30 is a scaled down version of the Keurig b40 that can be used in the privacy of one’s home. It comes in black, white or red so it can be added to a home’s décor.

Some Keurig b30 reviews sight the absence of a water tank as a problem as once had to use fresh water with every cup. That also means, unlike the b40 it takes longer for coffee to brew as the water must heat. There is also no choice to the size of coffee that is brewed.

Positive Keurig b30 reviews applaud the quietness of the b30 as opposed to other coffeemakers. Keurig b30 reviews also approve of the portable lightweight design of the Keurig b30. It fits well in a small kitchen with limited counter space or can be used as a travel coffee maker.

The pros of the Keurig b30 are:
• Reasonable Price with Easy Installation.
• No waste with use of K-cups
• Perfect travel companion
• Small, compact space saver

Cons of the Keurig b30 include:
• Only one cup size
• Longer brewing time. 2 to 3 minutes
• No adjustable temperature
• Must fill water reservoir for each cup