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Kenneth’s Hair Salon – Why Columbus Has Great Hair

By: - Home & Family - June 6, 2011
kenneths hair salon

Kenneth’s hair salon is a place where many people go when they are looking for hair salons in Columbus, Ohio.  They are renowned for knowing what matters to their customers and remaining committed to providing each client with the most attractive and best results imaginable.  They deal with a number of salon care options and they do everything to ensure that each client feels that personal touch.  Staff are warm and friendly and behave appropriately, yet as if they have had the pleasure of knowing even new clients for many years.  Their sole goal is to make each and every visit to their numerous salons into uplifting, beautiful and positive experiences.

Because many hair salons in Columbus, Ohio, find themselves competing against the outstanding reputation of Kenneth’s hair salon, they have to live up to the salon’s high standards.  Visitors receive free consultations, with the stylist discussing what the client wants, analyzing the hair type and sharing ideas and suggestions for the perfect look that enhances each client’s appearance.  As each hair style is transformed, stylists educate clients about their style, how to care for them and what products are best for their hair and what products to avoid.  Best of all, stylists can offer an array of treatments and options for the perfect look, including a cut and style, highlights, colorings, hair extensions, permanent colourings, relaxing head massages, special types of treatments and even hair thinning and deep moisturizing treatments.

As one of the hair salons in Columbus, Ohio, Kenneth’s hair salon is so much more than a place to have your hair cut and styled.  Kenneth’s has in-house spas where guests can enjoy massages, waxes and even threading.  In fact, the salon has received such acclaim that its services are considered to be amongst the most professional in the state, according to many fashion and beauty journals and magazines.  Most importantly, their staff includes nail professionals for those who want that final touch after getting a new cut, ensuring that only the best services are provided.  So, if you are heading into Columbus and want your hair done by professionals, look no further than Kenneth’s for a hair cut that is affordable and can be counted on.

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