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By: - Childhood Education - June 14, 2011
kellys kindergarten

Kellys kindergarten is a unique online website that helps kindergartens and others in higher elementary school grades to have access to homework that they may have forgotten or to do work as a means of practicing outside of school.  In fact, Kellys kindergarten homework has been tailored to suit each grade and to fit within the local curriculum as designated state educational authorities.

Kellys kindergarten has been created with the help of real elementary school teachers who understand how to help kids learn.  Parents can sit with their kids and refresh their memories as they help their kids learn new things or build on concepts that they are already familiar with.  Kellys kindergarten homework is not unique to the online world as there are many sites doing the same thing, some of which are posted by teachers as individuals and others by school districts who have a vetted interest in using the Internet as a form of interactive fun and education for all kids.

Kellys kindergarten is free for all to use.  Parents can download varied gamea and instructions, as well as setting up an in-home classroom for times when the kids are off sick and are still able to study, just not be in school.  Kids can go on to review Kellys kindergarten homework by themselves to advance beyond what they are already being taught in school or to study for tests that they may not have all the information for, especially if they do not have their notes.  Teachers also use this site and others like it to find unique and interesting lessons and interactive things to balance with textbook information.  This enables teachers to constantly keep the kids interested and keep them practicing each thing they learn over and over again.  So, if you have elementary age school kids, do not fret about their use of the Internet, just channel it through educational sites like this and take a pro-active role in their school learning.  Remember that kids love to learn and that if the topics are presented in a fun way, it makes their learning that much easier.

photo: kindergarten in Europe – copyright 2011, Ozgurmulazimoglu; reproduced under Creative Commons Attribution Share-Alike License 3.0,

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