Kangol Hats For Men

A Proven Tradition Of Lasting Wear

By: - Clothing - July 23, 2011
kangol hats for men a proven tradition of lasting wear

The Kangol Company was founded in 1938 in Cumbria, England by Jacques Spreiregen.  During WWI Kangol hats for men were the major beret of the Armed Forces.  Kangol hats are the most recognized hat worldwide and are available in fifty-seven countries.

In Kangol hats the ‘K’ is from the brand of silk,  ‘Ang’-stands for angora and the ‘OL’ stands for the brand of wool.

In the 1960’s Kangol hats for men graced only the heads of the rich and famous such as golfer, Arnold Palmer and singers, the Beatles.  Since the 1980’s Kangol hats have become popular among the hip-hop community.  By the 1990’s Kangol hats could be seen on actors like Samuel L. Jackson, Madonna and Brad Pitt.

In 2006, Sports World acquired the license to manufacture and sell Kangol hats and Kangol apparel to different companies.  The global rights to Kangol hats have been held by the American company  Bollman Headwear since 2002.  In 2009 the original Kangol hat company was converted into a warehouse.  The hats are still manufactured in Eastern Europe and the United States.

Kangol Hats for men are available in a variety of styles.  Such as the 210 Racer Base Ball cap or the 3D Wool Flexfit Baseball Cap.  There are a  variety of Fedora styles such as the Bamboo Arnold Trilby Cap.

Childrens’ styles include the Cuff Pull on Beanie Cap or the Deeto Childen’s Cap.  There is the Kangol Apple Cap and for women the Bamboo Cloche.  All are available in a variety of colors.

Perhaps the most famous of Kangol Hats for men is the Beret worn by British Field Marshal Bernard Montgomery who played a major role in the Allied Invasion of Sicily in 1943.

There are a number of Kangol Hats for men as Army issue.  These include: the Kangol Denium Army Cadet; the Kangol piped Army Linen Cadet Cap and the Kango Rain Garrison Cotton Army Cap.

All Kangol hats  are available in a variety of colors according to style at a reasonably affordable price ($30 to less than $50) for extended, frequent wear.

Throughout the ages the definition of certain people has been determined by whatever they wore on their head.  Kings and queens wore crowns.  People of the Middle East wore often wore turbans.  Wealthy men wore fedoras while cowboys wear Stetsons.  Baseball players wear their own special baseball cap.  Train conductors and engineers always wore caps.  Military personal rank is often told by the shape of their hat, cap or beret.    There was a time when some thought it a crime against fashion─ even sinful─ to go outdoors without a cap or some kind of head covering.  Once hat makers─ millineries─ had their own shops and made a living by fashioning hats for numerous customers. By the 1930’s department stores such as Sacs Fifth Avenue and Bergdorf-Goodman employed their own millinery departments.   By the 1960’s the bouffant hair style caused women to stop wearing hats.  Men began to view hats as work wear but not for dress and formal occasions.  In recent years, however, many celebrities such as Princess Diana are responsible for bringing a return to hats.  It is important to note that the Kangol hat has survived the hatless faze and still thrives as the world’s best sold hat, cap or beret for men, women and children.

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