Kahrs Flooring

What To Expect

By: - Product Reviews - July 20, 2011
kahrs flooring what to expect

Kahrs flooring comes from the same place as Ikea.  They are hardwood and softwood floors that are taken from trees located in Smaland, Sweden, though the company itself is not far from there in Nybro.  In fact, Kahrs floors are one of the foremost providers of hardwood floors in the country, creating beautiful and natural floors across Europe for the past one hundred and fifty years.

Kahrs flooring was created by a local shopkeeper, Johan Kahr in 1857, aimed at providing wood products for farmers located across the area.  Today, the company provides the majority of the wooden floor projects found in Europe, processing their wood in ways that are considered to be innovative, stylish and affordable.  Once only a type of high grade flooring that was available to those with money, Kahrs floors are found even in the most meager homes and apartments in the UK, Ireland and all of Europe.  There are even flooring shops that offer the flooring from this company as far away as North American, Asia and the Middle East.  Their attention to detail and quality by choosing only the best quality wood for their floors is renowned.  In fact, if you live in the US, the main headquarters is found conveniently in Florida, in the city of Altamonte Springs.  Varied retailers and flooring outlets ship and install the floors across the US for very affordable prices.  You can choose between standard wooden planking or traditional parquet flooring.  The floors use the floating technology to ensure that each board attaches to the other and is not required to be attached to any subfloor materials.  Most importantly, you have the option of getting 1,2 and 3 strip types with three distinctive layers.  You can choose between eighteen varieties of real wood, including the usual cherry, beech, ash and oak, but if you want something more exotic, you can select from a large selection of unique wood types, including Doussie, Wenge and Maobi, rarities in most countries.

Kahrs flooring not only gives you a choice of layering thicknesses and an unusual selection of woods, but technology that offers colors that are hard to find in most modern wooden floor outlets.  Kahrs floors offer darker woods that seem absorb the light, creating a cozy and warm sensation that is ideal for big rooms.  If you prefer the lighter woods, their floors reflect any light, creating a sense of space in even the tiniest of rooms.  Best of all, the company has its presence in eleven countries which means you can access their customer service 24 hours a day with any questions related to flooring and wooden floors.  They can help you install your own or install your floors for you as needed by you.

Photo: wooden floor – copyright 2006, Kocisz – reproduced under Creative Commons Attribution Share-Alike License 3.0, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Flooring.jpg