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By: - College and University - July 25, 2011
job corps locations lots of great choices

For many students, getting a job means getting an education and most importantly getting trained to meet the expectations and needs of employers to ensure they have a competitive advantage over other job candidates.  That is why many students are turning to Job Corps locations across the US.  In fact, the recent advent of the Internet has allowed over a hundred thousand students to use the Job Corps locator to find one of their one hundred and twenty-four nationwide centers.

Job Corps locations are found in fifty-two US states.  Of course, students can opt to attend any of their locations, but generally speaking, when students use the Job Corps locator, they are usually matched according to their location and how far from their home that they are willing to travel.  This means that though a student in New York could travel to be a student at one of their Puerto Rico locations, that change in location of such a large distance is a student choice, not that of the Corps and as such most students either travel from their homes or their parents’ places to a place within a reasonable distance.  Ideally, you can find one of their locations in Alabama, Colorado, Alaska, Connecticut, Arizona, Delaware, Arkansas, DC, California, Florida, Georgia, Kansas, Iowa, Hawaii, Illinois, Kentucky, Idaho, Louisiana, Indiana, Maine, Massachusetts, Missouri, Michigan, Maryland, Montana, Minnesota, New Hampshire, Nebraska, Mississippi, Nevada, Ohio, New Mexico, Oregon, New Jersey, Oklahoma, New York, North Dakota, Pennsylvania, North Carolina, Utah, South Dakota, Ohio, South Carolina, North Dakota, Rhode Island, West Virginia, Utah, Texas, Vermont, Tennessee, Washington, Wyoming or Wisconsin.

Job Corps locations are very similar and provide the same services.  They provide education, market type training, life skills and complete graduation, but they are also provided with so much more.  So, when you have used the Job Corps locator and found your nearest location, you can take advantage of their support and guidance as part of your training package.  The Corps sees you from your education to through to your transition into your new job.  You enjoy 4 phases of training – admissions, your preparation for your career, your development of your career skills and your move into long-term and permanent employment.  Each location helps you every step of the way.

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