Jergens Natural Glow Reviews - What Are People Saying

Jergens Natural Glow Reviews – What Are People Saying

By: - Product Reviews - September 15, 2011
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Self tanners are notorious for not working well, for streaking, for turning the skin orange and for staining clothes. Luckily there are a few out there who have positive reviews, however, many of them are poorly reviewed. One of the most common brands on the market is Jergens. Jergens has a self tanner on the market called “Natural Glow”. Does Jergens Natural Glow work?

There are many Jergens Natural Glow reviews out there. Like with anything, some are very positive and some people were quite unhappy with their purchase. If you are considering buying Jergens Natural Glow, you will probably be happy to know that about 60-65% of all users say yes, this product works, but just how well does Jergens Natural Glow work?

The positive Jergens Natual Glow reviews state that the glow this product gave them was indeed very natural and affordable when compared to similar products. The positive reviews also stated that Jergens Natural Glow smelled great, lasted a long time, did not make their skin orange and did not stain their clothing at all.  The people who loved this product also said this self tanner moisturizes their skin and it doesn’t streak of look fake at all.

The negative Jergens Natural Glow reviews are quite the opposite of the positive reviews. Some people said they did take on an orange color once applying the lotion to their skin, for instance. Other negative reviewers did not like the smell that others in the positive group found so delightful. Other negative reviews stated that through the product worked, it streaked their skin.

Some reviews were mixed for Jergens Natural Glow and one of the biggest complaints for the mixed reviews were they liked the product in general, but did not like a particular aspect of the product. For instance, the product worked well, but the user didn’t like the smell. According to these reviews, the smell only lasts 1-2 hours.

All in all, reviews for Jergens Natural Glow are more positive than negative. Some of the negative comments, like the user who stated it streaked their skin, may have had a better experience if they had exfoliated their skin before use, for instance. Not exfoliating is one of the most common reasons for self tanners streaking. Next time, you are looking for a self tanner and standing in the aisles comparing self tanners and ask the question “Does Jergens Natural Glow work?”  You will have the answer!