Ivory Soap Ingredients - Almost Pure

Ivory Soap Ingredients – Almost Pure

By: - Cosmetics - September 29, 2011
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Ivory soap has been on the market since 1897 and was sold with the fact that it was 99.44% pure and that is floated. This was true. Ivory soap was made of almost all pure Ivory soap ingredients and it certainly did float. Over the years, the formula for Ivory soap has changed.

Current Ivory soap ingredients include sodium tallowate, water, sodium chloride, magnesium sulfate, sodium palm kernelate and a light fragrance. Though these ingredients may seem unnatural, they are pretty pure. For instance, sodium palm kernelate is a fancy name for natural salt taken from palm oil. Palm oil, of course, comes from palm trees. Others are a bit more processed. Sodium tallowate, for instance, is made of lye, steam and animal fat. Though the Ivory soap ingredients are perfectly safe for you to use, some people may want to make their own homemade soap recipes.

One of the best homemade soap recipes available is quite easy, even for a beginner soap maker. Soap making can be dangerous, so you should wear goggles and gloves and do not breathe in any steam or fumes. To start, you will need 91/4 oz lye (one small container) and 700 ml purified water. Mix them together in a pot. You want them to boil and reach over 110 degrees F. 120 should do fine. Let it begin to cool and begin boiling 4.5 cups olive oil (not virgin or extra virgin), 2 cups of coconut oil and 2 cups of grapeseed oil. The trick here is to get the oil at 110 F just as the lye/water mixture is at 110 F. Your best bet is to use a stick blender and mix until trace. In soap making, trace means your lye and oils have mixed. Your liquid will look like cake batter.

Once trace has occurred, add 10 ml of cinnamon oil and stir as little as possible. Pour this liquid into your molds and wrap it in blankets for 24 hours. You want to keep the heat in as long as possible. The longer the heat stays in, the better the reaction will be that makes these homemade soap recipes work. Once the 24 hour time frame has passed, cut the hardened soap into bars. You can’t use it yet, as it still needs to set and cure. Set the bars on brown paper and let them sit for 2 weeks. Turn them all over and let them sit for an additional 2 weeks. Once that month has passed you are ready to use your homemade soap.