Islamic Dream Interpretation

An Ancient Science To Illuminate The Mind

By: - Religion - July 18, 2011
islamic dream interpretation an ancient science to illuminate the mind

Islamic Dream Interpretation is an ancient science of a religious law that originated centuries ago.  The belief that human dreams contain visions that must be explained is the core of the Islam Dream Interpretation.

The Prophet Muhammad began Islamic Dream Interpretation from the strength of his own ‘dream visions’.  Muhammad believed good dreams were a supernatural perception that held specific messages pertaining to a person’s life.  He sought good news through Islam Dream Interpretation which could refer to the victory and powerful growth of Islam.

There are three kinds of dreams in Islamic Dream Interpretation:

  • Good/True Dreams.  Good dreams are believed to be gifts from Allah.
    The Prophet Muhammad said, “If anyone has a dream he likes then it is from Allah. He should thank Allah for it and narrate it to others.”
  • Bad Dreams.  Bad dreams are believed to come from the devil.    Muhammad  said, “If anyone has a dream he dislikes, then it is from the devil. That person should seek refuge with Allah from its evil, and should not speak about it to anyone so the dream will not harm him.” Muhammad also said if a person has a bad dream they should “stand up and offer prayer.”
  • Dreams of Personal Desire.  These can be good or bad dreams depending upon the truth one holds in their own heart.

Some examples of Islam Dream Interpretation are:

1. Dreaming of being called to prayer may indicate one’s desire to succeed in his goals.

2.  Dreams of bathing may interpret a cure from sickness or escape from sort of calamity in one’s life.

3.  Dreaming about fat cows may indicate wishes for a good harvest.  Dreaming of lean cows may express one’s fear of a poor harvest.

4.  Dreaming of walking through a door or a gate may indicate the successful completion of some personal goal.  It may also indicate winning an argument or some other kind of battle. “Enter upon them though the gate. For when you enter victory will be yours” [Surah al Maidah (5): 23]

5.  Dreaming about an egg may refer to a woman.  Explained in the Quran: “And they will have with them chaste females with lowered, large, beautiful eyes; delicate and pure, like well preserved hidden eggs” [Surah as Saaffaat (37): 48-9]

6.  Someone dreaming they ascend into the sky or are in some way elevated may indicate a status or rank…or wish to achieve that position.

7.  Flowers in dreams indicate reward for one’s good deed.

8.   Dreaming of receiving or finding gold indicates the desire for a successful marriage.

9.    Dreaming of standing or going to the right side of something indicates security or escaping some kind of danger.

10.  Laughing in a dream refers to receiving good news or experiencing good times.

11.  Dreaming about receiving milk in Islamic Dream Interpretation means religious knowledge has been granted.

12.  Dreaming or seeing the right hand covered or buried in dust is an Arabic statement of disapproval.

13   Dreaming of a ship can mean either success or escape.

14.  Dreams of sex or sexual intercourse in Islam Dream Interpretation are caused by the devil and are not to be interpreted…unless a person is married.  If married and dreaming about any form of sex the dream is a good dream.  A person who has an orgasm while dreaming is required to take a ritual bath immediately after awakening in order to return themselves to a proper state of purity.

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