Is Hepatitis C Contagious

General Questions And Their Answers About Hepatitis C

By: - Disease & Illness - February 17, 2011
is hepatitis c contagious

Hepatitis C is a disease that occurs when the virus Hepatitis C is identified as present in the blood. This RNA virus, just like any other Hepatitis virus, is connected with liver inflammation. The answer to the question is Hepatitis C contagious is true and the virus for the disease is transmitted from person to person through the blood.

When a person who is infected with this virus gives blood to a normal person then the virus spreads to the other person. Before 1992, there was no way to perform clinical tests to check the donor blood for any traces of the Hepatitis C virus.

Here are some general questions and their answers about Hepatitis C.

1. Is Hepatitis C contagious?

The answer to the above question is YES. This can be explained as follows. The virus spreads through a blood transfusion from a person who is infected with this disease to another person. Thus the virus is spread from one person to another person. This occurs through blood transfusions from a one person to another.

2. Is Hepatitis C contagious through any other means?

Hepatitis C is contagious through every means where the infected blood is passed on to another person. So in every case where a person has the slightest chance of contacting the infected blood, they can get this disease by using infected blades, razors, toothbrushes, and other items of an infected person. Health care professionals who work in labs and who treat diseased people can accidentally come in direct contact with an infected person’s blood and the virus can spread to them. Another major means of infection is using an infected person’s needle in the case of drug addicts. Body piercing and tattooing needles can also pass on the disease if unhygienic and infected needles are used.

Many people presume that Hepatitis C spreads by unsafe sexual activities if one of the partners is infected with the virus. This is true to some extent but not completely correct. People who have Hepatitis C and participate in sexual activities with multiple partners stand a greater chance of spreading the disease than those who stick to a single partner. This has been medically proven.

Hepatitis C virus can also be transmitted from a mother to a child during pregnancy and childbirth. Other ways through which this disease is spread from person to person are using common utensils like spoons, plates etc. and through physical contact while hugging, touching, kissing and can even from the cough of an infectious person.

Is Hepatitis C curable when in an acute stage?

YES, Hepatitis C is curable if it is in acute stage and it may take a few weeks of medication to completely cure the disease. Hepatitis C virus is abbreviated as HCV in medical terms and is classified into 6 types. These are known as genotypes. And Genotype 1 refers to the acute stage of the disease.

3. Is Hepatitis C curable when in the chronic stage?

NO, Hepatitis C in the chronic stage cannot be cured and the person who is infected with this virus will have to suffer with the disease for their entire lifetime.

4. Is Hepatitis C curable through surgery?

The answer to this depends on the condition of the patient. In the worst cases the patient may have to undergo liver transplantation surgery. This cannot assure that the disease will be completely cured and it can only serve as a treatment for the present condition.