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By: - Health & Fitness - June 9, 2011
ionic breeze air purifier

Few people would argue that clean, fresh air is preferable to allergen-laden, musty air, particularly when discussing the conditions of the air in their homes.  Without clean air, the planet wouldn’t support life and on a smaller scale, lack of clean air aids a whole host of health problems in robbing a person of their quality of life.  As such, products such as the Ionic Breeze Air Purifier and others have become quite popular.  There are several different types of air purifiers but the aggressive marketing campaign by Ionic Air has made their purifiers the most commonly known on the market today.

The Ionic Breeze and Ionic Breeze Quadra Air purifiers are interesting devices and unique in the air filter universe as they rely on ionization rather than fans and filters to work.  They depend on ionically charged plates to both move the air and catch the particles of dust and allergens.  The original Ionic Breeze air purifier didn’t even use fans, though newer models do as competitive brands moved more cubic feet of air per minute than the Ionic Breeze, making them more effective.  The Ionic Breeze Quadra Air purifier makes an improvement over previous models as it includes ultraviolet light (at 254 nanometers) to effectively eliminate germs and other hazards.  All of the Ionic Breeze Air Purifier models are quiet, energy efficient and don’t require replacement filters.

Despite the improvements to design that the Ionic Breeze Quadra Air Purifier showcases, there are still some pretty significant issues with the Ionic Breeze type of air purifier.  One very commonly cited issue is the fact that they release ozone into to the air as a byproduct of their operation.  For some people this could be a serious health risk and bears consideration when looking for a filtration system.  Another problem is that the Ionic Style air filters just don’t move the volume of air per minute that other models do and as such, they do not collect nearly as much dust and allergen particles out of the air.  It is only fair to point out, though, that more efficient air purifiers also tend to be much more costly.  However, depending on your reasons for looking for an air purifier, you may find the more expensive models to be well worth the cost.

Regardless of the type of air purifier you choose, be aware that an air filter can only do so much.  It’s not a replacement for regular floor sweeping, vacuuming and dusting.  For people suffering from respiratory illness or asthma, the air purifier will work wonders but only in conjunction with some other measures.  For example, it’s important to have your air ducts routinely cleaned (once a year is usually enough) to make sure there is no mold or mildew and that any trapped animal hair is removed.  If you own pets, make sure they are regularly brushed, cages (of applicable) are routinely cleaned out and that you are utilizing dust minimizing formulas for litter (that goes for cat’s litter, too).   If anyone in your household smokes they should only do so outside.  Air purifiers certainly help with smoke but they can’t do anything about the carcinogenic toxins from cigarettes and as such, smoking is best left to the back stoop and outside of your home.

All in all, an air purifier or any kind is a good investment for everyone.  If you’re looking for something quiet, inexpensive and suitable for small apartments, the Ionic Breeze line of products may be for you.

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