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By: - Product Reviews - July 20, 2011
intex air bed

The Intex air bed comes in a variety of types, ranging from the simple hand-pumped up single layer to the double layer with an electric pump.  They are very well-made and can be used in many different ways, whether as a stand in until you can buy a proper bed for your bedroom, a means to provide a guest bed for visitors, or to take with you camping instead of the traditional camping bed.  In fact, Intex air beds are very good value for money.

With the cost of beds being very high in most cases, not everyone can afford the bed that they want right away.  Many students find the Intex air bed a good stand by for when they attend university and have to stay in a residence where beds are not provided.  The double layered one offers the best support for this.  Its motorized pump is built into a solid compartment in the back of the bed with a door to keep the electrical cord from dangling out as you sleep.  You can simply plug it into a standard plug socket in your wall and press the pump button and adjust the amount of air needed according to whether you want firm or soft support.  It is recommended thought that the heavier and bigger the person, the firmer the bed should be to avoid discomfort.  However, the double one has varied layers of vinyl, topped with a soft fabric, so deflation cannot happen by accident or with too much wear and tear.  The single version of the Intex air beds is not designed for prolong use over a long period of time, just for occasional use and does come with or without a pump, depending on what your needs are and your access to electricity.  This makes the single layer good for kids and teens when they have slumber parties, or for putting up a surprise visitor.  They are especially good for camping trips, but as will all air beds, you should ensure that the ground on which you put your bed is not riddled with sharp or hard objects that may perforate the shell of the bed.  If you opt for the double version, you can expect it to last a good year with continued use, much longer with occasional use.  However, the benefit of the double or single with the pump is that the pump can put air in and take it out, too.  Therefore, when you need to deflate your air bed, you simply can use the pump on reverse mode to take out the air, reducing it back to its original form when you unfolded it after taking it out of your box.

The Intex air bed costs a little bit more than the standard air bed, but for good reason.  It comes in single and double thickeness, as well as twin and double formats.  Because the vinyl and plastic coverings are so well made, if you use the air bed properly and ensure that it is not allowed to come into contact with sharp or hard objects, the risk of a tear is almost negligible, unlike the majority of cheaper versions.  So, where can you buy Intex air beds? Well, that part is easy.  Most camping, hardware and other stores that carry camping and general household goods carry the air beds.  You can find them in departments stores and discount stores, too.  You can even order one quickly through many online providers.

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