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By: - Learning Disabilities - June 14, 2011
international dyslexia association

The International Dyslexia Association  or IDA has dedicated itself to supporting those who have dyslexia and promoting information about relevant issues to keep the public informed and erase the misconceptions about it.  Being a non-profit group and means of education, it helps to provide International Dyslexia Association facts for all people, not just in the United States, having a clear presence online.  They aim to serve educational and health professionals, families and those with the many dyslexia type conditions.

As the International Dyslexia Association has over thirteen thousand standing in as members and over forty outlets across North America alone, few people are aware that they have an international presence in South America, Europe, Asia and the Middle East.  Even their Board of Directors are volunteers.  They provide publication entries in their own, in-house journal, the ‘Annals of Dyslexia’, a newsletter that keeps all members in the know about professional help, developments and special individuals that people should recognize.  They not only provide information publicly, but act as political advocates on all levels, including in legal areas to push for grants to get research done to further assist in issues surrounding dyslexia – educational, developmental and neurological.  Though originally and still seen as a major disability, the viewpoints and stereotyping once associated with having dyslexia is fast disappearing as more and more people realize how normal it really is, even learning about the famous people who have achieved greatness and amazing things despite their dyslexia, some of whom had no support and no help at all.  As such the International Dyslexia Association facts they provide are very valuable.

The International Dyslexia Association has a long way to go yet to push the United States to enforce all schools and educational institutions on all levels to fully accept and recognize dyslexia as a diagnosis for learning.  There are sadly some schools in the US that refuse to recognize it and many areas that simply refuse the funding and support needed for such students to learn.  What people may not realize is that the term dyslexia is an umbrella term that includes many learning needs.  However, in places like Canada, where learning disabilities and needs are recognized with great support across the board, schools and educational institutions are legislated to help, provide funding, in class assistance for students and to get formal assessments done for kids so they do not fall between the cracks.  There, the International Dyslexia Association has made great leaps and bounds, where even the average person is in the know and understands that learning differences is normal, not odd.

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